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Welcome to PriceMenuGuide.PH, your ultimate destination for menu prices and food information in the Philippines. 

We are passionate about satisfying your food cravings by providing you with complete information you need about the restaurant’s menu items and updated price list so you can make an informed choice. While it can be fun to eat outside, it can be overwhelming at times due to menu and price changes. Here’s where we come in, we regularly update the menu prices on our website from official sources and from our own experience.

A Little More About Us

This website is run by Angela Garcia and Jose Santos, a happily married couple. We’re the voice behind the website and we’re the ones writing the content too. Besides running this site, we’re big foodies who love to travel, eat, and explore different flavors. As we journey through new places and discover new restaurants, we make sure to keep our site filled with the latest information for you to enjoy.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be your go-to resource for restaurant prices and detailed menu item information, for your enhanced food experience, whether you stay in the Philippines or plan to spend your holidays here.  We are dedicated to:

Menu Prices – We strive to keep all the fast food chains and restaurants menu rates updated to ensure accuracy, so you can plan your dining experiences without any surprises. 

Food information – We go beyond just listing menu rates. We go an extra mile by providing all the food information and insights such as best selling items of the restaurant, our personal favorites, detailed description of menu items, and even information on food delivery to make your ordering experience hassle free. 

Restaurant Comparisons – We realize that at times choosing a restaurant or taste can be challenging at times as per your taste and budget, that’s why we provide brief comparisons between the famous restaurants and alternate available options for you to choose in our blog section.

Price Lists we have covered on this site:

We have covered a long list of menu’s on this site and keep adding the list to bring you hassle-free experience. You can also search your favorite brands from all menus. Make sure to bookmark this site so you can easily search us next time for your favorite menu.

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Angela Garcia
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