Burger King Menu Prices in Philippines – 2024 Pricelist

closeup of burgers and beverage at back. complete menu prices and menu items of burger king listed

Burger king, also referred as “BK” is a famous hamburger chain that serves delicious Flame-grilled juicy burgers in its menu. The famous brand is well known for its flame grilled Whopper, 4 layered Cheese Burgers, BBQ Bacon hamburgers, popular breakfast, delicious sides and nuggets which are must try for all food lovers.

Discover the updated Burger King menu prices and complete menu items on this page below.

Featured Meals | Whopper | Cheese Burgers | 4-Chesse Whopper | Group Meals | Chicken Burgers | Breakfast | Saver deals | Plant Based Whopper | Special Items | Chicken Bites | Sides | Iced Coffee’s | Drinks

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
BLT Chicken King (spicy flavor) – meal₱323.00
BLT Chicken King (spicy flavor) – solo meal₱253.00
Truffle Whopper (Junior) – Combo meal₱265.00
Truffle Whopper (Junior) – Solo meal₱179.00
Truffle Whopper – Combo meal₱391.00
Truffle Whopper – Solo meal₱314.00
1 piece Chunky Chicken Fillet Creamy Parm – Combo₱125.00
1 piece Chunky Chicken Fillet Creamy Parm – Solo ₱105.00
2 pieces Chunky Chicken Fillet Creamy Parm – Combo₱175.00
2 pieces Chunky Chicken Fillet Creamy Parm – Solo ₱155.00
Chicken Chunky Fillet (1 piece) with Rice₱105.00
Chicken Chunky Fillet (2 pieces) with Rice₱170.00
Chicken Chunky Fillet (2 pieces) – combo meal with Rice + Drink₱172.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper – Junior (solo burger)₱261.00
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper – Junior (Meal)₱333.00
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper (solo burger) – Large size₱428.00
Pepperoni Bacon Whopper (Meal) – Large size₱499.00
Whopper Junior₱93.00
Whopper Junior – combo deal₱205.00
Whopper meal₱314.00
Whopper (solo burger)₱246.00
Meals include Drink & Fries

Flame Grilled Cheese Burgers

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
BBQ Bacon Cheese burger (single burger)₱249.00
BBQ Bacon Cheese burger (combo plan)₱329.00
Double BBQ Bacon cheeseburger (combo)₱440.00
Double BBQ Bacon cheeseburger (solo)₱374.00
Hamburger Meal (Flamed)₱170.00
Solo Hamburger (Flamed) ₱101.00
Barbeque Hamburger Meal (Flamed) ₱150.00
Solo Barbeque Hamburger (Flamed) ₱89.00
Quarter Pound King Meal (1/4 lb burger) – combo plan₱398.00
Quarter Pound King Meal (1/4 lb burger) – solo₱330.00
Double Quarter Pound King Meal (1/4 lb burger) – combo plan₱551.00
Double Quarter Pound King Meal (1/4 lb burger) – single burger₱483.00
Regular – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (meal)₱165.00
Regular – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (only burger)₱89.00
Double – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (meal)₱404.00
Double – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (single burger)₱350.00
Triple – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (combo deal)₱422.00
Triple – Cheese Burger – Flame Grilled (only burger)₱381.00
Flame-Grilled Quadrupled Cheese burger – solo burger₱477.00
Flame-Grilled Quadrupled Cheese burger – combo deal₱545.00
Meals include Drink and French Fries

4 Cheese Whopper

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
4 layered Cheese Whopper (only burger) – Large Size₱312.00
4 layered Cheese Whopper (Meal Combo) – Large Size₱370.00
4 layers of Cheese – Whopper Junior (only burger)₱136.00
4 layers of Cheese – Whopper Junior (Meal)₱214.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper burger (solo) – Large size₱449.00
Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper burger (meal combo) – Large size₱518.00
Junior Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper burger (solo) ₱281.00
Junior Bacon 4-Cheese Whopper burger (combo) ₱359.00
solo – means just the burger/sandwich

Group Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mix n feast for 2 People:
choose 2 mains of your choice, 2 sides, 2 drinks and 4 pieces of chicken nuggets
Mix n feast for 3 People:
choose 3 main of your choice, 3 side dishes, 3 drinks and 6 pieces of chicken nuggets
Mix n feast for 4 People:
choose 4 main dishes of your choice, 4 sides, 4 drinks & 10 pieces of chicken nuggets
2 X-Tra Long Chicken Jr. + 2 Flame Grilled cheese burgers + 2 King’s bucket + 4 Drinks (Good for 4 people)₱799.00
2 Junior Whopper + 2 x-tra long chicken sandwich Jr. + 2 King’s bucket + 4 Drinks (Perfect for 4 people)₱845.00
2 plant based Junior Whopper, 1 King’s bucket and 2 Drinks ₱524.00
2 long chicken sandwich (junior size), 1 King’s bucket & 2 Drinks ₱418.00
2, 4-Cheese Junior Whopper plus 1 King’s bucket & 2 Drinks ₱485.00
Flame grilled cheese burger, Junior Whopper, 1 King’s bucket & 2 Drinks ₱435.00

Crispy Chicken Burgers

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
BLT Chicken Burger (spicy taste)₱253.00
BLT Chicken Burger (spicy taste) – meal set₱323.00
Crunchy Chicken burger₱245.00
Crunchy Chicken burger – meal set₱312.00
Spicy Chicken King Burger ₱261.00
Spicy Chicken King Burger meal₱326.00

Burger King Breakfast

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Burger King Sausage Waffle with Cheese₱211.00
Burger King Sausage Waffle with Egg (combo meal)₱296.00
Burger King Sausage Waffle with Egg (solo meal)₱224.00
2-pc Waffle with Maple (combo)₱204.00
2 piece Waffle with Maple + Sausage ₱211.00
2 piece Waffle with Maple and Sausage (combo meal)₱284.00
2 pc Waffle and Maple₱131.00
Burger King – Waffle Sausage and Cheese (combo feast)₱284.00

Saver Bundles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
199 King Saver Bundle (2 burgers + French Fries)₱199.00
299 King Saver Bundle (2 burgers + Medium Fries + Iced Tea)₱299.00

Plant Based Whopper

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Organic Plant Based Whopper (solo) – large size₱340.00
Organic Plant Based Whopper (combo deal) – large size₱404.00
Junior Organic Plant Based Whopper (solo)₱141.00
Junior Organic Plant Based Whopper (combo deal)₱215.00
only burger is included in “solo”

X-Tra Long Chicken

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
X-tra Long chicken sandwich (solo) – large size₱167.00
X-tra Long chicken sandwich (combo deal) – large size₱233.00
Junior – X-tra Long chicken sandwich (solo)₱74.00
Junior – X-tra Long chicken sandwich (combo deal)₱169.00

Kings Special Menu Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Barbecue Bacon Burger – individual burger₱470.00
Barbecue Bacon Burger – value meal₱551.00
Bacon King Burger – individual burger (junior size)₱297.00
Bacon King Burger – meal pack (junior size)₱368.00
Bacon King Burger – individual burger (large size)₱470.00
Bacon King Burger – meal pack (large size)₱540.00
Junior Double Bacon Burger (individual burger)₱374.00
Junior Double Bacon Burger (meal set)₱449.00
Double Bacon Burger (individual burger) – large₱606.00
Double Bacon Burger (burger bundle) – large₱674.00
Double BBQ Bacon Jr. (single classic)₱374.00
Double BBQ Bacon Jr. (Valuable Meal)₱443.0
Double BBQ Bacon (single classic) – large ₱605.00
Double BBQ Bacon (Valuable Meal) – large₱675.00
Swiss Mushroom Jr. ₱272.00
Swiss Mushroom Jr. Meal₱347.00
Double Swiss Mushroom Jr. (single)₱363.00
Double Swiss Mushroom Jr. (combo deal)₱438.00

Crispy Tender Chicken Bites

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
10 piece Crunchy Chicken Nuggets₱273.00
Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) with Drink ₱147.00
Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) ₱120.00
4 piece Nuggets with side meal (choose any sauce)₱181.00
4 piece Nuggets with Rice (value deal)₱181.00
6-pc Nuggets with special sauces + Drink₱249.00
6-pc Nuggets combo with Rice₱249.00
1-piece Chicken Thigh with Rice ₱280.00
2-pieces of Chicken Thigh with Rice meal₱397.00
2 pieces chicken leg piece with Rice₱368.00

Delicious Sides

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Cheese Bites (6 pieces)₱143.00
Cheese Bites (10 pieces)₱211.00
Onion Rings (King’s Bucket)₱268.00
King’s Bucket French Fries₱233.00
Hash Bites₱233.00
BK French Fries – Regular size₱65.00
BK French Fries – Medium₱108.00
BK French Fries – Large₱137.00
BK Onion Rings, Medium size₱83.00
BK Onion Rings, Regular₱125.00
Onion Rings, large₱152.00

Iced Coffee

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Iced Black Coffee – Medium₱84.00
Iced Black Coffee – large₱109.00
Iced Vanilla Coffee – Medium₱99.00
Iced Vanilla Coffee – large₱120.00
Medium Ice Mocha Coffee₱99.00
large Ice Mocha Coffee₱120.00
Roast Coffe cup₱65.00

Drinks & Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mug Root beer Drink medium₱99.00
Mug Root beer Drink large₱115.00
Mug Root beer Float₱66.00
Coke zero – medium size₱115.00
Coke zero (large size)₱99.00
Orange Juice (medium)₱102.00
Orange Juice (large)₱111.00
Apple Juice – medium₱102.00
Apple Juice – large₱112.00
Sarsi Float₱62.00
Regular Sarsi₱113.00
Coke Float₱67.00
Lipton Ice Tea₱98.00
Lipton Ice Tea – large₱112.00

All above Burger King menu prices are almost accurate, but its best to verify from the local store near you.

Burger King: Top 7 Menu Picks

1. Whopper

Burger king menu prices: flame grilled whopper with drink
Big, Juicy, Delicious!

Indulge in the Burger King’s flame-grilled whopper burger with Beef patty stuffed between sesame seed buns, directly from the grill to your table, topped with creamy mayonnaise, pickles, sauces, and onions. It is a clear fan favorite. Yours to have for PHP 93 for junior size and 205 Pesos for meal combo.

2. BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger

4-cheese burger from burger king menu for price of PHP 312
Tasty twist of smoky flavor!

Indulge in the mouthwatering Flame grilled Barbecue Cheeseburger, which is a delicious treat that will leave you craving for more. This tasty delight has a soft sesame seed bun loaded with juicy, crunchy beef patty & creamy melted American cheese, all topped with flavorful barbecue sauce. Enjoy the best seller for 249 Pesos for solo burger and PHP 329 for meal.

3. Bacon 4- Cheese Whopper

bacon burger with drink and French fries from burger king menu

Cheese burger lovers, this one is for you. It’s a great option to savor. The beef patty is topped with American cheese and mozzarella cheese for an extra cheesy experience which is then drizzled with cheese sauce on top of crunchy bacon, for the rate of ₱214 for combo.

Alternatively you may also try the Bacon cheese burger for ₱359 for a meal which includes fries and a drink. Explore McDonald’s(McDo) menu also for more variety of burgers.

4. Spicy Chicken King

crunchy, crispy chicken burger in soft sesame seed bun. its the best seller from the menu
Yummy Taste

Try the hot chicken king from Burger King menu, which consists of fried crispy chicken in potato buns topped with mayo, some special sauces, jalapenos, and lettuce for a delicious taste. It would cost PHP 261 for solo sandwich and PHP 326 for a meal. To make things a little more interesting, add an extra cheese for extra 3 pesos. 

Explore KFC menu prices for Zinger burgers & more tasty choices.

5. Double Mushroom Swiss King

swiss king burger which is 100% flame grilled is also tasty choice
Double Mushroom, Double Delight

Enjoy this satisfying treat made with flame grilled 1/4 pound extra thick Angus beef patty, onions, melted swiss cheese, sauteed mushrooms, & Burger King’s special sauces. It’s priced at ₱363 for just the burger and ₱438 for a meal which includes a large side and a drink. Delight your taste buds with this flavorful choice!

6. X-Tra Long Chicken Sandwich

tall sandwich in soft bun. also comes as plant based option in the menu

Enjoy the chicken sandwich on a 7-inch sesame seed bread. It’s made out of crispy chicken, lettuce, and mayo. Enjoy your meal for 167 Pesos. 

7. Quarter Pounder

quarter pounder juicy and delicious burger from the menu which is 1/4 lb in weight
Flame Grilled Perfection!

Treat yourself to a mouthwatering burger delight with  juicy quarter pound of a beef patty flame grilled to perfection, topped with creamy melted cheese, pickles, and fresh onions, all paired between sesame seed buns. It’s a flavorful experience that’ll satisfy your cravings with every bite, for ₱483.

Plant Based Menu Items

Discover the Burger King menu’s Plant Based Whopper and organic chicken patty sandwich, which are 100% meat free, offering delicious taste and unique experience.

Plant Based Whopper

Try this delicious 100% meat-free burger with an organic plant-based patty which is Flame-grilled to perfection. It tastes just like beef and comes topped with onions, lettuce, jalapenos, & fresh tomatoes, prices start from PHP 141.

Plant-Based X-Tra Long Chicken

Enjoy the tasty and healthy treat of plant-based chicken patty between the soft buns, paired with fresh lettuce, and topped with creamy plant-based mayo. Explore Wendy’s menu for delicious burgers and group meals.

Cheese Burgers – Choices Available

This part of the menu is all about the mouthwatering “4-Cheese Whopper.” These come in different sizes and can be ordered as part of a meal or as solo burgers. Wondering why they’re called “4-Cheese”? It’s because they’re stacked with not 1, not 2 but four layers of cheese – American cheese, mozzarella cheese, Swiss cheese, and cheese sauce, all paired alongside a flame-grilled beef patty. Craving something different? Visit S&R menu for delicious Pizza and Southern Styled Fried Chicken.

Breakfast Meals – Items Included

Burger King’s breakfast menu is a fantastic place to enjoy your morning meal and kickstart your day. They offer a wide range of tasty options like: burgers, cheese sandwiches with egg or mushroom, and more. Let’s explore them below:

There are many other options available with different variations of eggs, maple and sausage. Also explore updated Jollibee menu for more yummy breakfast options.

Explore variety of Beverages

Enjoy the refreshing and cool beverages to pair with your meal, especially on a warm day. Let’s explore them along with menu prices.

Iced Mocha Coffee: Indulge in the delicious blend of rich coffee and creamy chocolate, served over ice for a satisfying and refreshing treat. Enjoy it for PHP 99. Explore J.Co menu or Dunkin menu for more variety of Iced coffee and sweet donuts.

Iced Vanilla Coffee: Delightful and cool creamy beverage that blends the boldness of coffee with the sweet taste of vanilla. It’s a refreshing choice for any time of the day, priced at ₱99.

Iced Sweet Black Coffee: Enjoy the strong and refreshing taste with a perfect balance of rich coffee flavor and touch of sweetness, for ₱84.

Roast Coffee: Brewed to perfection, it’s the ideal choice for those who love classic cup of quality coffee. Yours to have for 65 Pesos. Discover Starbucks menu for more choices of Frappuccinos and coffee’s.

What options are available for Sides?

Burger King menu also serves delicious sides that you could add with your meal to make things even more better.

They are available in regular, medium & large sizes.

Burger King Delivery

You can easily order your food from the following available options from Burger king Menu.

  • Website – You could order directly through their official website.
  • App – You could download and order through their official app for iOS or android.
  • Alternatively you may also use third party app like Grab Food to place your order online.

Opening Timings

The stores have different timings, depending on their branch or location. Some branches operate 24 hours, while some are open from 7 A.M. until 12 A.M. You could check their opening hours, address, and their contact details through their store locator.

Social Media Handles

You could follow their official social media profiles from below:

History of Famous Burger Chain

Burger king was founded by Keith J. Karmer along with his uncle Mathew Burns in Jacksonville, Florida in year 1953, it was initially called “Insta-Burger King”. In 1954 the brand was purchased by James McLamore and David Edgerton and rebranded its name to “Burger King”. It started to rapidly expand throughout USA and International market during 1960s.

The popular hamburger chain arrived in Philippines in 1982 and in 2011 Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) acquired majority(54%) of its shares. The brand has become one of the major brand name in fast food industry serving millions of customers everyday around the world.

If you aspire to work with them, you could apply at their official website.

Vlog at Burger King Philippines

YouTube video


Breakfast at BK is served all day long.

You could choose the BBQ bacon cheese, quarter pounder, Junior 4-cheese, Xtra long plant sandwich meals within this budget.

Yes, some branches do have drive thru. You could inquire them from here.

Yes, you may checkout the coupon codes here

No, actually. But you could checkout Dunkin donuts menu or Red Ribbon menu for sweet treat.

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