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J.Co Donuts & Coffee Menu Prices in Philippines [Updated 2024 Menu]

picture showcasing 4 delicious donuts and a cup of coffee from j.co menu

Coffee and donuts make a delicious combination. J.Co Donuts and Coffee serves menu filled with yummy and delightful flavors in both its coffee and donuts. You’ll love their unique donut flavors like “Don Mochino”, “Berry Spears”, “Forest Glam”, “Glazzy” and many more. In addition to these treats, they also have delicious donut sandwiches and a variety of hot and cold beverages on the menu.

Explore the updated J.CO menu prices and complete list of menu items on this page.

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J.Co Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
J.Co Donuts (per piece)₱49.00
J.Co Donuts (half dozen, 6-pcs)₱295.00
J.Co Donuts (1 dozen, 12-pcs)₱480.00
J.Pops – baby donuts (24-pcs)₱300.00
J.Pops – DIY kit₱300.00
J.Pops – DIY kit – (Haloween Edition)₱300.00
6-pcs Donuts + 6-pcs J.Club₱595.00
J.Club 5+1 (6 premium donut sandwiches)₱300.00
Family Treats (12-pcs donuts + 1-box of J.Pops)₱720.00
Choco Loco – (1 dozen, 12 pcs)₱480.00
Choco Loco – (2 dozen, 24 pcs)₱790.00
Yin Yang – (1 dozen, 12 pcs)₱480.00
Yin Yang – (2 dozen, 24 pcs)₱790.00

Iced Coffee Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Peach Smurf – (Uno size)₱150.00
Peach Smurf – (Due size)₱165.00
Peach Smurf – (Tre size)₱180.00
Mocha Espresso – (Uno size)₱145.00
Mocha Espresso – (Due size)₱160.00
Mocha Espresso – (Tre size)₱175.00
Iced Americano Coffee – (Uno size)₱120.00
Iced Americano Coffee – (Due size)₱135.00
Iced Americano Coffee – (Tre size)₱150.00
Brown Sugar Latte – (Uno size)₱145.00
Brown Sugar Latte – (Due size)₱160.00
Brown Sugar Latte – (Tre size)₱175.00
Hazelnut Latte – (Uno size)₱145.00
Hazelnut Latte – (Due size)₱160.00
Hazelnut Latte – (Tre size)₱175.00
Hazelnut Chocolate – (Uno size)₱145.00
Hazelnut Chocolate – (Due size)₱160.00
Hazelnut Chocolate – (Tre size)₱175.00
Cold Chocolate – (Uno size)₱145.00
Cold Chocolate – (Due size)₱160.00
Cold Chocolate – (Tre size)₱175.00
Caramel J. Coccino – (Uno size)₱145.00
Caramel J. Coccino – (Due size)₱160.00
Caramel J. Coccino – (Tre size)₱175.00
Iced Sunny Latte – (Uno size)₱150.00
Iced Sunny Latte – (Due size)₱165.00
Iced Sunny Latte – (Tre size)₱180.00
Cold Café Latte – (Uno size)₱140.00
Cold Café Latte – (Due size)₱155.00
Cold Café Latte – (Tre size)₱170.00
Spanish Latte – (Uno size)₱155.00
Spanish Latte – (Due size)₱170.00
Spanish Latte – (Tre size)₱185.00
J. Coccino – (Uno size)₱140.00
J. Coccino – (Due size)₱155.00
J. Coccino – (Tre size)₱170.00

Iced Tea Flavors

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Lychee Berry Tea – (Uno Size)₱150.00
Lychee Berry Tea – (Due Size)₱165.00
Lychee Berry Tea – (Tre Size)₱180.00
Passionate Jasmine Cheese Tea – (Uno Size)₱150.00
Passionate Jasmine Cheese Tea – (Due Size)₱165.00
Passionate Jasmine Cheese Tea – (Tre Size)₱180.00
Berry Grenade – (Uno Size)₱140.00
Berry Grenade – (Due Size)₱155.00
Berry Grenade – (Tre Size)₱170.00
Iced Thai Tea – (Uno Size)₱130.00
Iced Thai Tea – (Due Size)₱145.00
Iced Thai Tea – (Tre Size)₱160.00
Iced Lemon Flavored Tea – (Uno Size)₱115.00
Iced Lemon Flavored Tea – (Due Size)₱130.00
Iced Lemon Flavored Tea – (Tre Size)₱145.00
Green Tea Latte – (Uno Size)₱145.00
Green Tea Latte – (Due Size)₱160.00
Green Tea Latte – (Tre Size)₱175.00
Lemonade Green Tea – (Uno Size)₱130.00
Lemonade Green Tea – (Due Size)₱145.00
Lemonade Green Tea – (Tre Size)₱160.00
Mango Peach Tea – (Uno Size)₱150.00
Mango Peach Tea – (Due Size)₱165.00
Mango Peach Tea – (Tre Size)₱180.00

Hot Coffee

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Hot Chocolate – (Uno Size)₱145.00
Hot Chocolate – (Due Size)₱160.00
Hot Chocolate – (Tre Size)₱175.00
J.Coccino – (Uno Size)₱140.00
J.Coccino – (Due Size)₱155.00
J.Coccino – (Tre Size)₱170.00
Hazelnut Latte Coffee – (Uno Size)₱145.00
Hazelnut Latte Coffee – (Due Size)₱160.00
Hazelnut Latte Coffee – (Tre Size)₱175.00
Hot Americano Coffee – (Uno Size)₱120.00
Hot Americano Coffee – (Due Size)₱135.00
Hot Americano Coffee – (Tre Size)₱150.00
Sunny Latte – (Uno Size)₱150.00
Sunny Latte – (Due Size)₱165.00
Sunny Latte – (Tre Size)₱180.00
Hot Macchiato (single)₱95.00
Hot Macchiato (double)₱105.00
Caramel J.Coccino – (Uno Size)₱145.00
Caramel J.Coccino – (Due Size)₱160.00
Caramel J.Coccino – (Tre Size)₱175.00
Green Tea Latte – (Uno Size)₱145.00
Green Tea Latte – (Due Size)₱160.00
Green Tea Latte – (Tre Size)₱175.00

J.Co Frappuccino

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Oreo Cheesecake Frappe – (Uno size)₱175.00
Oreo Cheesecake Frappe – (Due size)₱190.00
Oreo Cheesecake Frappe – (Tre size)₱205.00
White Chocolate Frappe – (Uno size)₱165.00
White Chocolate Frappe – (Due size)₱180.00
White Chocolate Frappe – (Tre size)₱195.00
Oreo Flavored Frappuccino – (Uno size)₱165.00
Oreo Flavored Frappuccino – (Due size)₱180.00
Oreo Flavored Frappuccino – (Tre size)₱195.00
J.Coccino Flavor Frappe – (Uno size)₱160.00
J.Coccino Flavor Frappe – (Due size)₱175.00
J.Coccino Flavor Frappe – (Tre size)₱190.00
Green Tea – (Uno size)₱160.00
Green Tea – (Due size)₱175.00
Green Tea – (Tre size)₱190.00
Strawberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Uno size)₱165.00
Strawberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Due size)₱180.00
Strawberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Tre size)₱195.00
Blueberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Uno size)₱165.00
Blueberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Due size)₱180.00
Blueberry Yoghurt Frappe – (Tre size)₱195.00
Caramel Frappuccino – (Uno size)₱160.00
Caramel Frappuccino – (Due size)₱175.00
Caramel Frappuccino – (Tre size)₱190.00
Mocha Espresso – (Uno size)₱160.00
Mocha Espresso – (Due size)₱175.00
Mocha Espresso – (Tre size)₱190.00
Avocado Frappe – (Uno size)₱160.00
Avocado Frappe – (Due size)₱175.00
Avocado Frappe – (Tre size)₱190.00
Cappuccino Chip – (Uno size)₱160.00
Cappuccino Chip – (Due size)₱175.00
Cappuccino Chip – (Tre size)₱190.00
Chocolate – (Uno size)₱160.00
Chocolate – (Due size)₱175.00
Chocolate – (Tre size)₱190.00

J.Coffee Bottle

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Iced Americano Coffee – Bottle (475 ml)₱160.00
Iced Latte₱190.00
Iced Mocha Bottle₱190.00
Iced Lemon Tea₱160.00
Iced chocolate₱190.00
Iced Brown Sugar – Bottle₱190.00
Thai Tea₱190.00
Iced JCoccino₱190.00
All above “J.Coffee Bottles” are served in 475ml Bottle

JClub Pairings

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Hot/Cold J.Coccino + J.Club₱175.00
Hot/Cold Chocolate Coffee + J.Club₱180.00
Coffee of the Day + J.Club₱130.00
J.Club + Hot/Iced Americano Coffee₱145.00

J. Cool

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
J. Cool To GO ₱270.00

Brew Box

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Hot Chocolate Brew Box (3 Liters)₱1070.00
Hot Americano Brew Box (3 Liters)₱848.00
Hot Café Au Lait Brew Box (3 Liters)₱1090.00

All above J.Co menu prices are close to accurate, but do verify from the local store before placing your order.

J.Co Donut Flavors – Complete List

From the Rich Chocolate Rainbow to Glamorous Forest Glam, and the delightful Heaven Berry to hearty Jacky Chunk, there’s a flavor to satisfy every craving. 

Let’s explore the delightful world of J.Co’s donut flavors from its menu. 

other delightful flavors included are as follows:

Fun fact – first donut was invented & made by Hanson Gregory in 1847, in the United States.

Irresistible Delights: 8 Must Try Donuts

Let’s explore the most famous and yummy donut flavors on the menu along with their prices.

1. Cheese Cakelicious

Delightful cheese flavored donut from j.co menu

Treat yourself to a donut generously filled with smooth cream cheese, coated in delicious white chocolate, and sprinkled with cookie crumbs for extra crunch. The donut is topped in white chocolate pieces for added texture and flavor. Great choice to pair with your coffee. 

Planning for special occasion and craving for cakes or pastries? Explore Contis menu with pricelist for delightful choices.

2. Berry Spears

Delightful "Berry spears" donut from the menu. checkout J.Co menu prices for more tasty choices

As you take a bite, you’ll find the delightful surprise of creamy whipped cheese inside. Topped with chocolate bits and strawberry jam in the middle make the donut tastier and the combination of flavors and texture will leave you craving for more. Yours to enjoy for 295 Pesos for half dozen(6 pieces).

3. Alcapone

picture of tasty "Alcapone donut" from J.CO menu, checkout complete menu prices for more delectable treats

Savor the soft and fluffy “Alcapone donut” coated with white chocolate and sprinkled with crunchy almond slices. Experience the perfect blend of sweet and nutty flavors in every bite, for 49 Pesos per piece or 295 Filipino Pesos for 6 pieces. Explore Tim Hortons menu for variety of donuts and famous coffee choices.

4. Chocolate Rainbow 

Indulge in "chocolate rainbow" donut from J.Co menu.

J. Co’s famous chocolate rainbow donut, dipped in creamy white chocolate and drizzled with strawberry jam, is another excellent choice. It’s a delectable delight that is sprinkled with almonds and combines different flavors to satisfy your taste buds. Pair it with a coffee to make things different.
Alternatively you may also try the Strawberry Rainbow flavor which is another great choice.

5. Don Mochino

Discover chocolate filled "Don mochino" donut at J.Co

Indulge into smooth, velvety chocolate filled with delightful mocha cream and topped with a sprinkle of almonds for a wonderful crunch and taste in every bite. It would cost ₱480 for 12 pieces. Visit Dunkin Donuts menu for more delightful choices of Donuts and cold beverages.

6. J. Pops

wide variety of j,pops in single image. priced at PHP 300

These are bite sized donuts that come in a box. They come in 12 delightful flavors to enjoy, and are filled with yummy vanilla or chocolate whipped cream flavors. It costs ₱300 for the bucket.

7. Red Velvet Sandwich

savor the red velvet sandwich from j.co menu.

This isn’t just a donut; it’s a sandwich cum donut that offers a different and unique experience. It has two layers of whipped cheese cream filled with red velvet crumbs and candy peanut crumbles to make every bite crunchy. Love sandwiches? Explore updated Jollibee menu and KFC menu & prices for tempting offerings.

8. Oreology

dark textured 2 donuts that are decorated with Oreo

Loved by kids and adults equally, topped with Oreo cookies and dipped in white chocolate could be your next favorite. Enjoy with your family and loved ones for ₱480 for 12 pieces. Also, explore Red Ribbon menu & Goldilocks menu for delectable cakes and pastries.

Fun fact – Donuts were once called as “Oily Cakes”

J.Club Sandwiches

J. Co menu also serves mouthwatering donut sandwiches to satisfy your hunger and taste buds that you could pair with cold beverages or even a coffee. Let’s explore some of the options below:

J Co Sausage Donut Sandwich

Treat yourself to yummy delight! Experience the special taste of this unique sandwich filled with tender beef sausages, juicy zucchinis, and a drizzle of ketchup and sauces that make it taste great.

Tuna Mayonnaise

Try this another delicious donut styled sandwich, filled with tasty tuna and creamy mayo for flavorful filling. It’s wrapped around lettuce and cheese for crunchiness and flavor in every bite.

Cheezy Rich.

Enjoy the mixture of smooth creamy cheese, topped with cream and more shredded cheese for a sweet and cheesy taste combination. Pair it with an Iced Hazelnut chocolate frappe which costs only PHP 145 for Uno size.

J cool – Frozen Yoghurt 

Enjoy the famous and tasty J.Cool frozen yogurt in blueberry flavor. You can add honey stars, almonds, peach, lychee, mandarin orange, blueberry jam, or strawberry jam on top. It comes in three sizes: couple, sharing, and single.
do not forget to try the J Cool to go which is for ₱270.

Fun fact – J.CO is an Indonesian Coffee & Donuts brand

J.Co Menu Prices: Coffee Flavors

The famous coffee & donut brand serves premium sourced Arabica coffee for the true coffee lovers. Let’s explore J.Co menu prices and the choices offered:

Caffe Latte

Enjoy the smooth coffee made by combining espresso with steamed milk, for a balanced and comforting flavor. It’s the perfect choice for creamy and satisfying coffee. Treat yourself with a due size cup for 155 Pesos & a regular cup for ₱140.

J Coccino

Savor the perfect blend of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk for a delightful coffee experience. Enjoy each tasty sip and create great memories. A small cup costs PHP 140, and a large cup(Tre size) for PHP 170. It also comes in a caramel flavor known as “caramel J coccino”.


It’s a great pick for those who love strong coffee balanced with smoothness of milk. It is created with a small amount of steaming milk and powerful espresso shots. Yours to have for the rate of ₱120 for uno size.


Classic black coffee with the original taste of coffee. Perfect for early mornings. Enjoy it for ₱95. Visit Starbucks menu to customize your coffee to perfection.

Other coffee choices to try:

Iced Coffee & Frappuccinos

Let’s explore the delightful variety of cold beverages and coffee’s in this section of the menu along with the updated J.co menu prices.

Caramel Frappe

Indulge in the yummy mix of creamy caramel and rich coffee. It’s topped with mocha cream and caramel syrup, giving you a soothing flavor and taste. It’s a truly satisfying treat for your taste buds, priced for just 160 Pesos for Uno size, 175 Pesos for Due size, and 190 Pesos for Tre size.

Mocha Espresso Frappuccino

Brighten your day and mood with this J.Co’s Mocha Espresso Frappe. This delightful treat combines Espresso shots with chocolate, and it’s topped off with creamy white mocha and a sprinkle of chocolate powder. Give it a try and enjoy it for price starting from 160 Pesos.
Pair it with a red velvet sandwich and share with your loved ones for sweet memories. 

Avocado Frappe

If you enjoy Avocado and coffee, you’ll really like this cold beverage. It’s made with Espresso shots mixed with avocado flavor in fresh milk, and it’s topped with mocha cream and chocolate flakes. It’s a great choice for PHP 160. 

Oreo Frappe

Indulge in the goodness of Oreo and Vanilla served over ice in fresh milk topped with whipped cream, and sprinkled with Oreo powder. Don’t miss out on McDonald’s (McDo) menu with Prices for delectable McFlurry and wide variety of delicious burgers.

Frappe Flavors: More Exciting choices to try:

Opening Timings

J.Co Donut outlets are open for delivery and pickup every day of the week. Their operating hours are from 9 AM to 10 PM. You could find the closest outlet and their contact details here.

Delivery – Order Online

You can easily order your favorite meal items from the cafe by calling their below contact number or through Grabfood.

Hotline:  Their hotline number is +63 02 844-8441

Social Media Handles

Stay updated by following them on their official social media accounts:

For any feedbacks or suggestions you could fill out the form on their official website.

About JCo Donuts & Coffee

J.Co Donuts and Coffee, a popular donut chain, was founded in Indonesia in 2006 by Johnny Andrean. It quickly gained popularity for its unique and high-quality donuts, coffee and beverages. Since then, J.Co has expanded internationally, with stores in several countries across Asia and the Middle East.

They opened its first branch in the Philippines in 2012 in SM Megamall and now has more than 160 branches nationwide. Nolrine Omandam is the Chief Executive Officer for the operations in Philippines. For their success stories and milestones achieved you could check here.

J.Co Donut Flavors – Video Vlog

YouTube video


They serve almost 31 unique and tasty donught flavors.

Donuts which are cream filled or frosting should be refrigerated. Other donuts can be stored at room temperature. 

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