krispy Kreme Menu Prices Philippines (Entire Menu)

Indulge in delightful donuts from Krispy Kreme in Philippines

Krispy Kreme is a famous donut chain focused on serving yummy donuts, cold beverages, mini donuts which are a must try for all donut lovers.

Explore the updated Krispy Kreme menu prices and all the delightful flavors below.

Dozen Donuts | Box of 6 | Double Dozen | Group Sharing | Choco Hazelnut | Mini Donuts | Glazed Cake | Cold Beverages | Lemonade Drinks | Milkshake | Chiller Beverages | Happy Celebrations

Dozen Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mixed Dozen Donuts – 12 Pieces
6 pieces Pre Assorted Donuts & 6 pieces Original Glazed Flavor
Dozen Pre Assorted Donuts – 12 pieces pre Assorted Donuts₱688.00
1 Dozen (12 pcs) – Original Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts ₱458.00

Box of 6 Krispy Kreme Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
6 Premium Pre Assorted Doughnuts ₱398.00
Mixed Box of 6 Delightful Doughnuts
3 Original Glazed & 3 Pre Assorted
6 pieces original Glazed Donuts₱258.00
Box of 6 Regular – Pre Assorted Donuts₱338.00

Double Dozen Kreme Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
24 pieces Original Glazed Doughnuts₱848.00
Double Dozen Mixed Doughnuts (24 pieces)₱978.00
Double Dozen Assorted Donuts (24 pieces)₱1090.00

Group Sharing Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Original Glazed + 48 oz Brew Box₱938.00
1 Dozen Krispy Kreme Assorted Donuts with 48oz Brew Box₱1088.00
6 pieces Original Glazed Donuts + Brew Box (48 oz)₱778.00
6 pieces Pre Assorted Donuts with 48oz Brew Box₱918.00
3 original Glazed Doughnuts + 3 cold Beverages (Good for 3)₱425.00
3 Regular Assorted Doughnuts + 3 cold Beverages (Perfect for 3 pax)₱495.00
3 Premium Krispy Assorted Doughnuts + 3 cold Beverages (Perfect for 3 pax)₱508.00

Choco Hazelnut Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
6 pieces Original Glazed + 6 pcs New Choco Hazelnut Flavors₱760.00
Box of 6 Chocolate Hazelnut Collection₱490.00
Box of 6 Mixed Chocolate Hazelnut Doughnuts₱378.00
12 pieces Choco Hazelnut Donuts₱985.00
12 pieces Mixed Choco Hazelnut Donuts₱1530.00
Double Dozed (24 pieces) Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Donuts₱1968.00
24 pieces Mixed Original Doughnuts and New Choco Hazelnut₱1530.00

Mini Donuts

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mini Original Glazed – 16 pcs in a box₱290.00
16 pieces of Pre Assorted Mini Donuts ₱375.00
Mixed Box of Minis (Box of 16 pcs)₱339.00

Glazed Cake

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
8 pieces Glazed Bites in a cup₱108.00
Glazed Bites Bucket₱345.00

OG Card Exclusive

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
OG Card & 12 pieces-Mixed krispy Kreme Doughnuts₱600.00
OG Card & 12 pieces-Original Glazed Doughnuts₱500.00

Cold Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Iced Caramel₱159.00
Kremey Iced Coffee₱118.00
Kremey OG₱134.00
Sea Salt Kreme Latte₱158.00
Krispy Kreme Iced Mocha ₱159.00
Krispy Kreme Almond Cold Brew₱157.00
Signature Iced Glazed Beverage₱145.00
Signature Iced Classic Drink₱118.00
Signature Cold Brew₱128.00
Iced Kaffe Kreme₱157.00
Iced White Mocha₱157.00
Iced Latte₱148.00
Kremey Latte₱148.00
Iced Americano ₱138.00
Iced Cappuccino₱148.00

Lemonade Drinks

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Lemonade Iced Tea₱90.00
Original Lemonade₱90.00
Strawberry Lemonade₱101.00

Kreme Milkshake Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Original Kreme Milkshake₱179.00
Dark Chocolate Milkshake₱179.00
Salted Caramel Milkshake₱179.00

Chiller Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Caramel Latte with Espresso₱179.00
Original Kreme Chiller with Espresso₱179.00
Original Kreme without Espresso₱179.00
Caramel Latte Chiller without Espresso₱179.00
Mocha Latte₱179.00
Double Chocolate₱179.00
Strawberry Kreme Flavor (12 oz)₱179.00
Strawberry Kreme Flavor (16 oz)₱189.00
Strawberry Kreme Flavor (20 oz)₱219.00
Cookies & Cream Flavor Cold Beverage₱179.00
Mixed Berry Chiller (16 oz)₱218.00
White Double Chocolate – small size₱179.00
White Double Chocolate – medium size₱189.00
White Double Chocolate – large size₱215.00
White Mocha Flavor₱179.00
Milk Chocolate Chiller – small (12 oz)₱179.00
Milk Chocolate Chiller – Medium size (16 oz)₱189.00
Coffee Jelly Chiller – small (12 oz)₱179.00
Coffee Jelly Chiller – medium (16 oz)₱189.00
Coffee Jelly Chiller – large (20 oz)₱219.00

Brew Box

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Brew Box
Includes: 6 cups of coffee, Each 8 oz cup

Happy Celebrations

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sintra Board Type – 24 pieces mixed Donut Flavors₱2989.00
Sintra Board Type – 2 Dozen Original Glazed₱2299.00
Sintra Board Type – 60 Donuts Original Glaze Flavor₱3795.00
Acrylic Board Type – 24 pcs Mixed Doughnuts₱3448.00
Acrylic Board Type – 24 pcs Original Glazed Doughnut Flavor₱2989.00
Acrylic Board Type – 5 Dozen (60 pcs) of Original Glazed Doughnuts₱4480.00

All above Krispy Kreme menu prices are near to accurate, but might be slightly different depending on branch and location, its best to double check with your local store before placing your order.

Krispy Kreme Donut Flavors

Krispy kreme menu prices: closeup of different donut flavors  with sprinkles on top
Yummy as they look!

Let’s explore the delightful donut flavors from the menu:

12 pieces of original glazed doughnuts with a brew coffee box would cost you 938 Pesos and 6 pieces with 48 oz brew box which serves 6 cups of coffee is priced at 778 Pesos under Group sharing menu meal.

If you are a fan of chocolate hazelnut flavor you could opt for 6 pieces priced for just P3478 and 12 pieces donuts for PHP 985. Alternatively you could also explore Dunkin Donuts menu pricelist and J.Co donut flavors for delightful classic and premium donuts.

Delightful Beverages

closeup of delightful Caramel latte, cookies & cream and mixed berry iced beverages from the menu
Delicious treat!

Krispy Kreme menu not only serves yummy donuts but also offers delicious beverages that can be paired with your favorite donuts to make things even more better. From Caramel latte with Espresso to Double Chocolate, there’s something for everyone. They come in different sizes, small (12 oz), Medium (16 oz), Large (20 oz). Depending on the flavor you choose or the size prices vary, but most of the items in chillers menu section are for 179 Pesos. For more delectable beverages be sure to visit Starbucks beverages and Big Brew menu.

What are Happy Celebration Donuts?

This is a unique twist and idea, its also called as “cake tower”, basically there are 3 section of trays aligned over each other which are filled with donuts. You may choose your own proffered size of 12, 24, or even 60 doughnuts for a large gathering. You could also choose to have your Krispy Kreme donuts sprinkled with strawberry or chocolate toppings for extra flavor and texture.

The “celebration kit” comes along with balloons, hats, Birthday banner, note card and candle to make your celebration memorable. Looking for delightful cake choices for Birthday or anniversary? Don’t forget to checkout Red Ribbons cake prices or Goldilocks cake menu for their wide range of flavors and delightful soft sponge cakes.

OG Reward Card

OG Reward card from Krispy Kreme
Reward card.

Once you register for OG card from krispy Kreme you get 6 free original glazed donuts on purchase of 12 original glazed donuts of same flavor. To register you may visit here. Apart from the free donuts, you will also be treated with a box of 3 original donuts on you birthday, and early access to the upcoming promos. But its best to verify this information of its validity before purchasing the membership.

Online Delivery

You could easily place your order online through their official website or from Food Panda(third party delivery service).

Alternatively you could also download their App which is available for both Android and iOS.

Store Hours

Most of the stores are open from 7 AM until 9 PM depending on the branch location. For precise information on their respective branch address, contact information and store timings you could checkout from their store locator.

Social Media Handles

You may also follow their official social media accounts from below:


Looking to celebrate for special occasion? You could book the hall and plan your occasion at Krispy kreme store. Just make sure the store has the facility and make your pre bookings 5 days prior. All you have to do is contact them through their Hotline numbers.

Hotline Numbers


Big fan of Krispy Kreme donuts? You can purchase the cool stuff from their merchandise like T-shirts, cap, bottle and much more, lets explore the items and their pricelist.

Item DescriptionPricelist (PHP)
Insulated Water Bottle (20 oz)₱2450.00
Insulated Water Bottle (12 oz)₱1550.00
Tumbler with Straw₱345.00
Krispy Kreme Mug ₱315.00
T shirt with text “Eat Krispy Kreme Doughnuts”₱400.00
T shirt with text “ORIGINAL”₱260.00
Grey Color T shirt with text “GLAZED”₱260.00
Parkland Duffle bag₱1800.00
3 bags bundle ₱5500.00
Letterman Varsity jacket₱2600.00
Denim Fanny Pack₱720.00

Virtual Tour of Krispy Kreme Menu

YouTube video


You could opt for Hazelnut coffee, which is a great pair to have for any time of the day. For more coffee choices you could visit Tim Hortons menu.

Of course, once you place the order you may track from here.

No, they only have takeout, pickup and home delivery service as of now.

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