Explore Red Ribbon Menu Prices in Philippines (2024 Updated Pricelist)

Red Ribbon menu items featuring cake and pastries along with updated prices of all menu items

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is famous for its Cakes and Pastries in the Philippines. Red Ribbon menu, popular for Black Forest Cake, Creamy Dedication Cake, Brazo De Mercedes, Breads & Bakery items are a perfect treat for any occasion, whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or a celebration with loved ones. 

Explore the updated Red Ribbon Menu Prices and complete list of menu items on this page.

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*Menu items and prices may vary at certain branches.

Dedication Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication Cake – 8×12₱873.00
Vanilla Sprinkles Dedication – 8×8₱585.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (8×8 Junior)₱527.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱784.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (12×12 Large)₱1043.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (8×8 Junior)₱609.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱861.00
Cookies & Cream Dedication Cake (8×8 Junior)₱701.00
Cookies & Cream Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱995.00
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake (8×8 Junior)₱701.00
Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱983.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (8×8 Junior)₱556.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱844.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱830.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱650.00
Active Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular) ₱830.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (8×12 Regular)₱850.00

Round Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Tiramisu Meltdown Junior Size₱619.00
Tiramisu Meltdown Regular₱852.00
Chocolate Indulgence Junior₱687.00
Chocolate Indulgence Regular₱917.00
Chocolate Mousse Junior₱583.00
Chocolate Mousse Regular Size₱771.00
Black Forest Junior ₱537.00
Black Forest Regular₱771.00
Caramel Crunch Cake₱876.00
Cappuccino Creme Regular₱877.00
Mango Sunrise Cake Regular₱877.00
Caramel Delight Junior Size₱561.00
Caramel Delight Regular₱783.00
Ube Bloom Regular Size₱735.00

New Specialty Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Red Velvet Bliss – Regular size₱915.00
Chocolate Heaven Junior Size₱1033.00
Chocolate Heaven Regular₱1425.00
Caramel Crunch Cake₱861.00
Mango-Choco Marjolaine Cake Junior₱1034.00
Mango-Choco Marjolaine Cake Regular₱1494.00
Mango Graham Mousse Junior ₱582.00
Mango Graham Mousse Regular₱771.00

Red Ribbon Roll Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mocha Half Roll₱350.00
Mocha Full Roll₱509.00
Mango Half Roll₱344.00
Mango Full Roll₱509.00
Brazo De Mercedes Half Roll₱455.00
Brazo De Mercedes Full Roll₱570.00
Triple Chocolate Half Roll₱287.00
Triple Chocolate Full Roll₱404.00
Ube N Cream Half Roll₱344.00
Ube N Cream Full Roll₱503.00

Red Ribbon Pastries

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chicken Empanada – Singles₱52.00
Chicken Empanada – 6 pc Box ₱309.00
Butter Mamon – Singles₱36.00
Pork Pandesal – Single₱36.00
Tunda Pandesal – Single₱36.00
Cinnamon Roll – Singles₱59.00
Mocha Mamon – Singles₱36.00
Creamy Mamon – Singles₱36.00
Cheesy Mamon – Singles₱41.00
Ube Mamon – Singles₱36.00
Salted Caramel Ensaimada – Singles₱39.00
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaimada – Singles₱43.00
Cheesy Ensaimada – Singles₱41.00
Ube Cheesy Ensaimada – Singles₱45.00
Chicken Empanada – Singles₱49.00

Cake Slices & Loaves

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Ube Marble Cake Slice₱41.00
Taisan Slice₱38.00
Moist Choco Slice₱38.00
Banana Crunch Slice₱45.00
Chiffon Cake Slice₱45.00
Double Dutch Cake Slice₱46.00
Mocha Marble Cake Slice₱36.00
Butter Cake Slice₱32.00
Red Velvet Cake slice₱41.00
Classic White Bread Half Loaf₱62.00
Classic White Bread Full Loaf₱103.00
Taisan Loaf₱141.00
Banana Crunch Loaf₱150.00
Moist Choco Loaf₱141.00

Bread Rolls

Item Description4’s Junior
8’s Regular
Raisin Bread Rolls₱57.00₱98.00
Chocolate Bread Rolls₱57.00₱98.00
Classic Bread Rolls₱45.00₱75.00
Asado Bread Rolls₱91.00₱169.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
6 pieces Fudgy Brownies₱194.00
Classic Polvoron 16s – Box₱245.00
Classic Polvoron 10s – Pack₱163.00
Pinipig Polvoron 8s – Pack₱104.00
Peanut Polvoron 8s – Pack₱104.00
Assorted Polvoron 15s – Pack₱204.00
Assorted Polvoron 22s – Box₱230.00
Mocha Mamon 8s – Pack₱99.00
Creamy Macaroons 10s – Pack₱123.00
Butter Puto 10s – Pack₱128.00

Packs & Bundles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Cheesy Ensaimada 4s – Pack₱156.00
Cheesy Ensaimada 5s – Pack₱160.00
Cheesy Ensaimada 8s – Pack₱319.00
Cheesy Ensaimada 12-pc – Box₱478.00
Assorted Pastries 5s – Pack₱184.00
Assorted Pastries 12-pc – Box₱465.00
Assorted Moist Cake Slice 5s – Pack₱184.00
Assorted Chiffon Cake Slices 5s – Pack₱223.00
Butter Mamon 3s – Pack₱97.00
Butter Mamon 5s – Pack₱160.00
Butter Mamon 10s – Pack₱340.00
Assorted Moist Cake Loaf 3-pc Box₱430.00

Candle & Themes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Dino Theme Topper ₱59.00
Barbie Theme Topper ₱59.00
Hot Wheels Theme Topper ₱59.00
Jollibee Theme Topper ₱110.00
Happy Birthday Candle₱32.00
Candle Number 0 to 9₱12.00

All above listed Red Ribbons menu prices are almost accurate, however they could be changed anytime by the brand.

Red Ribbon Menu – Top 7 Best Menu Picks

1. Creamy Caramel Dedication Cake

Red Ribbon menu prices: beige color texture creamy caramel cake from Red Ribbon Bakeshop, decorated with flowers
Indulge in Caramel Bliss

Delight in the wonderful combination of chocolate and vanilla chiffon layers, which is covered with velvety creamy frosting and mini cookies, suitable for any event or celebration. Include your personal touch by writing your heartfelt message on the cake, perfect to serve 12 people priced at ₱527 and for 18 people it would cost 983 Pesos.

2. Chocolate Indulgence

Rich taste of chocolate treat with chocolate dripping on sides and decorated with extra dark chocolate
Very Tasty!

Everyone loves piece of chocolate cake. Treat yourself to a moist and spongy chocolate cake, generously stuffed with velvety chocolate mousse, and adorned with delectable chocolate chunks, all to delight your taste buds. Yours to have for just 687 Pesos for junior size, and regular size for 917 Pesos. The junior size is great to serve up to 6 guests. 

3. Tiramisu Meltdown

Delicious blend of chocolate and coffee flavored cake slice featured from Red Ribbons menu in the Philippines
Tiramisu Cake Delight

Make your celebrations memorable with a delectable combination of flavors. This double layered cake with the taste of coffee comes with wonderful chocolate Choco chiffon and creamy cheese with chocolate flowing down the sides. Perfect for creating great memories with your loved ones, for just ₱619 Junior and ₱852 for Regular sized. 

4. Black Forest

Slice of black forest cake, with cherry on top, which is also best seller from Red Ribbon's menu
Chocolate Lover’s Dream

“A recipe for disaster” Indulge in the soft and smooth rich chocolate fudge cake with chocolate shavings and cherries on top. The heavenly blend of chocolate and fruity goodness is simply irresistible. Celebrate joyful moments for the price of 771 Pesos.

5. Mango Graham Mousse

Mango flavored cake with soft sponge and thick layer of cream for price of 582 Pesos
Mango Magic in Every Bite!

Try the delicious Mango Cream Cake, made with care to give you a taste of tropical delight. The velvety mango cream is topped with a layer of crushed graham biscuit, creating a delightful mix of textures. Get the taste of tropics for PHP 582 for a “junior” size and PHP 771 for a normal size.

6. Mango Choco Marjolaine 

Delicious cake with distinct sections of mango and chocolate flavors, for a delightful taste with thick layer of mango and vanilla at top

Indulge in this newly introduced item to the menu. Enjoy the ultimate blend of mango and chocolate flavor with crispy wafer layers. The cake is covered with praline cream and cashew nuts for excellent flavor and texture for a memorable experience. All this for the rate of ₱1034.

7. Brazo de Mercedes Roll

sliced roll sponge with delicious taste for dessert lovers
Heavenly Taste

Try something different. The soft meringue cake roll is a delectable custard filling, providing the ideal balance of sweetness and creaminess. Unique treat that is sure to leave you wanting for more. Enjoy the Half sized Roll for 455 Pesos and Full size Roll for PHP 570.

Red Ribbon Roll Cakes

Ube ‘N Cream Roll

Experience the delectable taste of ube halayang filling and frosting.  This dessert topped with white chocolate, is a delicious blend of flavors and textures that will thrill your taste buds, for ₱344 half Roll and ₱503 for Full Roll.

Alternatively checkout Contis menu prices for yummy cakes, pastries and Filipino cuisine.

Triple Chocolate Roll

Another fantastic dessert not to be overlooked. Delight in the deliciousness of soft chocolate cake roll, topped with fudgy chocolate frosting and milk chocolate toppings. Each bite provides a rich and pleasant experience. The cost is ₱404.

There’s more in this section, you can also try from the following available options. 

  • Mango Roll 
  • Mocha Roll 
  • Brazo de Mercedes Roll

Bakery Delights: Red Ribbon Menu Prices

Ube Cheesy Ensaimada

Ensaimada is a typical Filipino treat loaded with rich Ube Halaya and topped with a sweet blend of butter, sugar cream, and cheese. Savor it for ₱45.  
You can also try the cheesy Ensaimada for a creamy and cheesy experience, priced at ₱41.

Chicken Empanada Singles 

Satisfying bread filled with flavorful chicken, raisins, and vegetables. Perfect to pair with your evening coffee. Explore Starbucks Menu prices for renowned coffee taste in Philippines.

Cheesy Mamon 

Delicious treat that is both soft and rich, giving it a wonderful mix of flavor of chiffon and butter, for a price of ₱41.
Other available options to try are: ube mamon, mocha mamon, butter mamon. Alternatively you could also visit Tim Hortons menu & prices for donuts and cold beverages.

Banana Crunch Slice

Savor a slice of this banana pound cake that is fluffy, moist, and soft all the way through, and is sprinkled with bits of crunchy cereal and nuts on top.
Try the Taisan slice and the Moist choco slice as well. For donughts, don’t forget to visit J.Co Menu.

Double Dutch Cake Slice

Store it in your fridge and have it every morning with your morning tea. The slice has two layers of chocolate and vanilla chiffon cake, mixed with marshmallows and chocolate chips, which cost ₱46.

You can also choose from the other available options. 

  • Chiffon cake slice 
  • Choco cake slice.

Cinnamon Roll 

Indulge in the sweet delight of cinnamon roll, which is a soft pastry filled with raisins and cashew nuts. It’s a right sweet treat to satisfy your cravings. Love donuts? Explore the updated Dunkin Donuts Philippines menu & prices.

Taisan Loaf 

Experience the rich and buttery goodness of this moist chiffon slice, coated with a layer of creamy butter and delightful sugar crystals. Have it in your breakfast for filling and great taste.

Other similar available choices are:

  • moist choco loaf
  • banana crunch loaf.

Craving for delicious and filling breakfast meal? Visit Jollibee Breakfast Menu & McDonald’s Menu.

Menu Items less than 100 Pesos

There are many options to choose under PHP 100 at Red Ribbons bakeshop. You could try the butter mamon, ensaymada, chocolate brownies, cake slices, and cake rolls from the menu. These affordable treats guarantee a sweet, satisfying and enjoyable experience. Have guests coming over and not sure, what to order? Explore KFC menu for their family bucket meals.

Red Ribbon Delivery 

Ordering your favorite cakes ior pastries from the bakeshop is simple and easy using the following options:

Hotline:  Red Ribbon hotline number is #87777 (just don’t forget to use the Hashtag)
Website: Alternatively, place an order through their website.
App: Download and use their official app for Android or iOS to place an order.
Grab Food: you can also easily order through a third party app – Grab food.

To learn more about Food Allergen information, you can checkout on their official website.

Social Media Handles

You can stay connected by following Red Ribbon’s official social media channels in the Philippines below or share your feedback and suggestions with their team.

Opening Hours

All their branches have different operational hours, with some opening at 7 A.M. and closing at 8 or 9 P.M., depending on the store location. To find the address and business hours for the branch you plan to visit, you can use their store locator.

Red Ribbon Rewards

Want to surprise your loved ones? Send them a Red Ribbon E-gift card via their app or website.

Red Ribbon VS Goldilocks

Both are great when it comes to taste. Both have great packaging and style of serving. Red Ribbons bakeshop takes the lead when it comes to cheesy topping, and Goldilocks is popular for its bread base. 
However, in addition to cakes and Pastries, Goldilocks Menu also offers a large selection of menu items, including Palabok, different types of Rice meals with Pork Sisig and Boneless Chicken BBQ, ala carte menu, Iced Sweets and a variety of Beverages.

History of Bakeshop

Red Ribbon was started in 1979 by Amalia Hizon, her husband Renato Mercado, and their children in Quezon, Philippines. Red Ribbon became well-known due to their daughter Teresita Moran’s distinct taste and baking style.

What started just as a hobby had later turned into a serious and full fledged business that was bought by Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) in 2005, and is now owned and operated by them. 

The first International Red Ribbon branch was inaugurated in California, United States, in 1984. Today, Red Ribbon has over 45 branches in the United States and over 500 nationwide which is hugely loved by Filipinos.

Fun fact – Red Ribbon Bakery has become the fastest growing bakeshops in all of Philippines.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop: Explore the Visual Journey

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No, but you can place your order in advance and pickup to save the time.

Black Forest Regular, Mango Sunrise Regular, Chocolate Mousse Regular, Cappuccino Creme Regular, Ube Bloom, Caramel Crunch are the choices you could consider for celebrating with 12 people. 

Yes, you may checkout the promo codes here

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