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Explore Goldilocks Menu Prices in Philippines (2024 Updated Pricelist)

Goldilocks updated menu pricelist and all menu items

Goldilocks is famous for its moist and delicious Cakes and Polvoron, but what sets them apart is their mouthwatering Filipino dishes on the menu. Their menu includes iconic premium cakes like: the Royal Fudge Cake, Black Forest, Mango Dream, Pastel Blooms Magic Cake, as well as hearty Rice Meals, Chicken BBQ, Lumpiang Shanghai, Ala Carte options, and Celebration Trays. These delectable offerings are perfect for any special occasion or gathering.

Discover the updated Goldilocks menu price list and complete information on its menu on the page below.

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*Please note Rates and menu items may vary at certain stores.

Goldilocks Premium Cakes 8 Round

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Merry Cherry Choco₱804.00
Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone Chocolate₱803.00
Mango Dream Cake₱827.00
Goldilocks Black Forest ₱803.00
Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake₱803.00
Chocolate Cherry Torte₱803.00
Classic Sansrival ₱1012.00
All About Chocolate Cake₱910.00
Chocolate Mousse Cake₱803.00

Premium Cakes Petite

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chocolate Cherry Torte Petite₱551.00
Goldilocks Black Forest Petite₱551.00
All About Chocolate Cake Petite₱575.00

Premium Cakes 8×12

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chocolate Mousse 8×12₱1013.00

Classic Greeting Cakes – 8×12

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Christmas Marble Cake₱794.00
Christmas Mocha₱794.00
Christmas Chocolate₱794.00
Celebrate Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱793.00
Pastel Blooms Mocha 8×12 with Filling₱793.00
Celebrate Marble 8×12 with Filling₱795.00
Chocolate Cake 8×12 with Filling₱793.00
Balloon Choco Filling – 8×12₱793.00
Balloons Marble 8×12 with Filling₱793.00
Balloons Mocha ₱793.00
Pastel Blooms Chocolate Cake ₱793.00
Pastel Blooms Marble ₱793.00

Classic Greeting Cakes – 9″ Round

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Christmas Rainbow Magic ₱689.00
Pastel Blooms Chocolate with Filling – 9 Inches₱527.00
Pastel Blooms Mocha – 9 Inches₱527.00
Pastel Blooms Marble – 9 Inches Round Size₱527.00
All Above Cakes are Good to Serve 12 People

Greeting Cakes – Dual/Triple

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Triple Delight₱749.00
Candy Pop Cake₱530.00
Rainbow Magic₱688.00
Luscious Chocolate Flavor 9 inch Round cake₱631.00
Luscious Mocha Cake₱688.00
Luscious Caramel Cake₱688.00
Luscious Caramel Cake – 8×12 (Good for 18 people)₱955.00

Whole Roll Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mocha Overload Whole Roll₱414.00
Chocolate Overload Whole Roll₱414.00
Brazo De Mercedes ₱528.00
Dulce De Leche Whole Roll₱414.00
Chocolate Whole Roll₱342.00

Native Cakes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Ube Cheese Puto₱144.00
Egg pie₱345.00
Butter Macarons – 12s₱79.00
Butter Macarons – 28s₱161.00
Cathedral Window₱364.00
Cathedral Window Singles₱112.00
Leche Flan₱286.00
Butter Puto₱121.00
Classic Puto₱121.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chocolate Cake Slice₱42.00
Chiffon Cake Slice₱42.00
Ube Vanilla slice₱42.00
Marble Cake Slice₱42.00
Strawberry Vanilla ₱42.00
Goldilocks Double Dutch Slice₱42.00
Butter Cake Slice₱42.00
Mocha Marble₱42.00
Fluffy Mamon₱34.00
Special Fluffy Mamon₱41.00
Classic Brownies Box₱323.00
Classic Brownies Big₱65.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies₱68.00
Chocolate Chip Cookies₱69.00
Cinnamon Roll₱45.00
Ube Ensaymada₱51.00
Cheese Ensaymada Hugs₱151.00
Ube Ensaymada Hugs₱171.00
Pork Hopia₱101.00
Mongo Hopia₱101.00
Bacon Ensaymada ₱51.00
Cheese Taisan₱120.00

Rice Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pork Chop with Rice₱253.00
Rice with Boneless Chicken BBQ₱274.00
Rice with Rellenong Bangus₱281.00
Rice with Chicken Chop₱253.00
Rice with Lumpiang Shanghai₱131.00
Rice with Caldereta ₱330.00
Rice with Laing₱164.00
Rice with Pork Dinuguan₱226.00

Ala Carte Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sinigang na Bangus Belly Ala Carte₱226.00
Beef kare Kare₱308.00
Laing Ala Carte₱142.00
Dinuguan Ala Carte₱203.00
Beef Caldereta Ala Carte Meal₱308.00
2-pcs Pork BBQ ₱203.00
Boneless Chicken BBQ Pieces₱251.00
Rellenong Bangus₱259.00
Lumpiang Shanghai₱109.00

Pinoy Deli (Food Selections)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Beef Caldereta (Frozen meal with Rice)₱154.00
Kare Kare (Frozen meal with Rice)₱154.00
Dinuguan (Frozen meal with Rice)₱154.00
Boneless chicken – Rice with frozen parcel meal₱154.00
Dinuguan Pouch (150 gram)₱107.00
laing Pinoy Deli Pouch (150 gram)₱104.00
Caldereta Parcel Pouch₱142.00
Pinoy Deli Pouch₱104.00

Pinoy Deli RTE

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pinoy Deli RTE – Kare Kare₱682.00
Pinoy Deli – Laing₱385.00
Pinoy Deli RTE – Caldereta₱682.00
10 – pcs Pork BBQ Pinoy Deli₱604.00

All Day Merienda

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Arroz Caldo₱142.00
Fresh Lumpia₱160.00
pamcit Malabon₱193.00
Dinuguan with Puto₱226.00
Palabok with Pork Sisig Toppings₱193.00
Baked Lasagna₱220.00
Siopao Asado₱71.00

Special Combo Deals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sotanghon + Rice with Chicken Boneless BBQ ₱275.00
Pork Sisig with Rice₱231.00
Chicken Popcorn with Rice and Sotanghon₱231.00
Rellenong Bangus with Sotanghon₱301.00
Lumpiang Shanghai with Pancit Malabon + Rice₱207.00

Polvoron Box

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Cashew Polvoron Box ₱201.00
Classic Polvoron Box ₱242.00
Assorted Polvoron Box ₱287.00
Cookies n Cream Polvoron Box₱201.00
Ube Polvoron Box₱201.00
Peanut Flavored Polvoron Box₱201.00
Pinipig Polvoron Box₱201.00

Polvoron Pouch

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Ube Polvoron – 10s₱87.00
Peanut Polvoron – 10s₱87.00
Classic Polvoron – 10s₱132.00
Assorted Polvoron – 12s₱99.00
Cashew Polvoron – 10s₱87.00
Cookies n Cream Polvoron – 10s₱87.00
Pinipig Polvoron₱87.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Assorted Butter Cake Slices 9’s₱378.00
Assorted Butter Cake Bitbits 6’s₱251.00
Fluffy Mamon 9’s₱306.00
Fluffy Mamon 6’s₱203.00
Cheesy Ensaymada 9’s₱368.00
Cheesy Ensaymada 6’s₱245.00
Assorted Chiffon Slice 9’s₱378.00
Assorted Chiffon Slice 6’s₱251.00

Goldilocks Breads

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sandwich Bread₱99.00
Wheat Bread₱106.00
Egg and Milk Loaf₱106.00
Mongo loaf (sweet bread)₱89.00
Monay – sweet bread₱94.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Big Size Caramel Popcorn₱46.00
Nutty Caramel Popcorn₱29.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Crema De Fruta (Big size)₱805.00
Crema De Fruta (small size)₱414.00

Beverages / Drinks

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Iced Sago’t Gulaman₱82.00
Iced Tea₱77.00

The above listed Goldilocks menu prices are near to accurate, but its always recommended to verify them from your local store or before placing an order.

Goldilocks Menu: Top 9 Cakes

1. Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone

Goldilocks menu prices: delicious & rich taste of Royal Fudge cake

The Royal Fudge Cake is an ultimate treat. Enjoy the deliciousness of a moist chocolate cake decorated with toblerone chunks and chocolate shavings. To make it even more indulgent the cake is covered with a layer of chocolate frosting, adding an extra burst of chocolate flavor. This delicious premium treat from Goldilocks menu will take your cake experience to the next level, for just 793 Pesos.

2. Classic Sansrival

Must try item from Goldilocks bakeshop  for price of PHP 1012
Layers of Delight

The Classic Sansrival Cake, perfect for any occasion, is a four layers of cashew wafers and smooth frosting that make a great combination of taste and color texture. Enjoy it for 1012 Pesos.

Fun fact – Goldilocks bakeshop got its name from the fairy tale character, so the  kids and moms could easily remember.

3. Pastel Blooms Marble

Delicious treat decorated with flowers for only 793 Pesos
Sweet Elegance in Every Bite!

Here’s another great choice: a delightful cake combined with vanilla and chocolate flavor that creates a delightful marble effect, topped with creamy vanilla frosting, and decorated with flowers which are made with sugar paste. It costs PHP 793 for the size that is perfect for sharing by 18 people.

It also comes in a rich chocolate flavor, offering even more sweetness to your special occasion. 

4. Goldilocks Rainbow Magic

Colorful cake, perfect for any moment., decorated with flowers at sides for delightful texture
Experience the Magic of Rainbow!

Enjoy a delightful treat that is as colorful as it is delicious! Each slice is a delightful blend of Ube, Vanilla, and Strawberry flavors, topped with creamy vanilla frosting. Get the best seller for ₱670.  

5. Goldilocks Black Forest 

Widely famous black forest cake topped with cherries from Goldilocks menu is fan favorite
Yummy Black Forest Cake.

Taste the heavenly bliss of black forest cake, with layers of chocolate sponge cake, whipped cream, and cherries on top. Perfect for creating great memories with your loved ones, for just rate of 793 Pesos. Also checkout Contis menu pricelist for delicious cakes and pastry selections.

6. Mango Dream

luscious taste of mango flavored slice decorated with name tag.
Pure Delight

Make your special day unforgettable with the tropical delight of mango dream cake that has layers of soft sponge cake filled with real mango pieces and mango flavored cream. Every bite is a delightful experience bringing happiness to your taste buds, for PHP 827. Love delicious cold beverages? Visit Starbucks menu & Pricelist for wide range of varieties.

7. Brazo de Mercedes Whole Roll

Tasty slice of brazo de mercedes roll with rich filling and taste served in plate
Pure Bliss!

Enjoy the moment of pure indulgence with this silky rich and creamy custard to satisfy your taste buds with every delicious bite. Perfect to pair your evening cup of coffee with your loved ones, for the price of PHP 528. Visit Tim Hortons menu for delightful coffee options.

Also try the dulce de leche whole roll which is a delectable treat made from a light, airy sponge cake filled with a luscious caramel like dulce de leche filling for the price of 414 Pesos.

Other flavors available in whole roll cakes are:

  • Classic mocha whole roll 
  • Dulce de duche whole roll 
  • Chocolate whole roll

8. Ube Ensaymada Hugs

sweet pastry with Ube and butter topping
Sweet Embrace.

Savor the taste of smooth, buttery dough flavored with bright colors of purple ube topped with a delicious mix of butter, sugar, and cheese to satisfy your cravings. Yours to enjoy for ₱171. Visit J.Co menu prices and Dunkin donuts menu prices if you love donuts and sweet treats.

9. Chocolate Mousse Cake

burst of chocolate flavor and almonds for crunchy taste and experience from Goldilocks, for the price of PHP 793
Chocolicious Delight!

Goldilocks’ chocolate mousse cake is a wonderful treat with layers of soft chocolate cake and creamy chocolate mousse. Treat yourself to this delight for ₱793 which is great for 12 people, and rate of ₱1013 to serve up to 18 people. Visit Red Ribbon Menu as well for delicious cakes varieties.

Celebration Trays – share with your loved ones

This section of the menu is all about sharing great food with your family and loved ones. The Celebration Trays are designed to make your gatherings extra special with a variety of delicious options. Below are the choices available in this section of menu.

  • Beef Kare-kare
  • Pork Dinuguan
  • Rellenong Bangus
  • Baked Lasagna
  • Pancit Malabon
  • Fresh Lumpia 
  • Pork BBQ
  • Lumpiang Shanghai
  • Sotanghon 
  • Palabok With Pork Sisig Toppings

Goldilocks Menu Prices: Rice Meals

This section of Goldilocks menu features meal with Rice, along with different combo from the below selections:

Pork Sisig with Rice – Enjoy the garlic fried rice paired with pork, along with egg. Perfect for those who enjoy rice and pork in one delicious meal. 

Chicken Popcorn with Sotanghon and Rice – savor the plate of rice along with gravy, sotanghon topped with deep fried juicy chicken fillet. At Jollibee menu and KFC menu, you’ll find a wide variety of fried chicken options to share with your loved ones.

Lumpiang Shanghai with Rice – savor this delicious meal which features crunchy spring rolls filled with flavorful mixture, paired with steamed rice. It’s a delicious and satisfying option to enjoy for PHP 131. Explore Chowking Menu pricelist for more tasty Chinese-inspired rice and cuisine.

Explore more rice meal options to enjoy:

  • Rellenong Bangus With Rice.
  • Boneless Chicken BBQ with Rice.
  • Laing with Rice.
  • Beef Caldreta with Rice.
  • Pork Dinuguan.

Goldilocks Menu: Ala Carte Meals

Goldilocks is not only famous for its popular cakes and pastries, but what’s unique about them is they also have an ala carte menu, which are filling and tasty options to savor. Let’s explore the delicious taste below:

Boneless chicken BBQ – Enjoy the delicious boneless chicken from Goldilocks menu, grilled to perfection. It’s smoky, slightly sweet, and savory BBQ, which would cost only ₱251. Explore Mang Inasal menu specials for chicken inasal and delicious meal options.

Beef Caldereta – This Filipino classic dish is made with tender beef cooked in tomato sauce along with vegetables and some spices for extra taste and flavor. The food is filling and delicious, and costs ₱308, it is also available as Frozen parcel meal which is packaged for you to eat later for ₱154.

Breaded Pork Chop – Enjoy the Breaded Porkchop Ala Carte, a delicious dish with perfectly seasoned pork chops coated in breadcrumbs for extra crunch and flavor.

Other Ala Carte items to try:

  • Beef kare kare ala carte 
  • Dinuguan 
  • Laing Ala Carte
  • Lumpiang Shanghai 
  • Laing Ala Carte
  • Pork BBQ

Tasty Frozen Meal

If you are anyone with tight schedule or short on time or simple don’t feel like cooking, Goldilocks has your covered with the option of its Frozen meal delights. So you can just freeze them and effortlessly heat in microwave oven and enjoy your food. You could find these ready to eat meals under Pinoy Deli section of the menu. Some of the available options include Beef Caldereta (₱154), Dinuguan (₱104), Laing Pinoy (₱104), and more from the choices below.

  1. kare Kare
  2. Boneless chicken
  3. Dinuguan pouch.

Goldilocks Delivery

You can easily order your food from the following available options from Goldilocks Menu.
Hotline:  Call to place an order by calling #8888-1-999 (Remember to use the Hashtag)
Website: You could also choose and order from their official website.
Third Party Apps: Alternatively, you may also easily order through Grab food as well, which is a third party food delivery app.

Operational Hours

Goldilocks branches are open for pickup and delivery every day of the week. Some stores are open from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m., depending on the branch location. You can check the nearest branch and their timings here.

Social Accounts

To stay connected with Goldilocks on social media, you may subscribe to their below official accounts.

Goldilocks or Red Ribbon?

Both Goldilocks and Red Ribbon are Filipino brands which are loved among many. Each has its own unique flavors and unique offering. If you are looking for a wide variety of options then goldilocks should be a clear winner.  

Why Choose Goldilocks?

Because it has everything delicious you could want in one place. Whether you’re craving desserts, cake slices, or have an occasion to celebrate and have to serve Cakes/pastries, or Rice and Pork, Goldilocks has you covered. With a wide range of mouthwatering options, It’s a great choice to delight and impress your family and loved ones. 

Both Goldilocks menu & Red Ribbon serve delectable cakes & bakery items suitable for any occasion or moment. Ultimately, whether you choose either of them, you’re bound to find a selection of baked delights that satisfy your cravings and add a touch of sweetness to your day.

History of Goldilocks – How it started

In 1966, two sisters, Milagros Leelin Yee and Clarita Leelin Go, started Goldilocks in Makati. They opened their first branch in Los Angeles, USA, in 1976, and later franchised in the Philippines. Now, Goldilocks has over 450 stores in the Philippines, showing how far they’ve come from their small beginnings.

Goldilocks Visual Tour: A Sweet Adventure

YouTube video


Absolutely yes, you can get your cake accustomed for any occasion.

For more information, you may visit their official website.

Surely, yes! just inform the staff serving you and they will manage your request

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