Starbucks Menu Prices in Philippines (All Menu Items Included)

Delightful coffees, cold beverages, and cold coffees from Starbucks menu with prices

Starbucks is famously known for its iconic taste of Cappuccino, Americano, Espresso, Frappuccino, Brewed Coffee, Sandwiches, and Teavana Tea, which are must-try for all coffee lovers. Also, it is famous for its great environment and ambience at its outlets for sitting and enjoying coffee in peace.

Explore the updated Starbucks Menu Prices and a complete list of menu items on this page.

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*Some of the branches may feature slightly different menus items and prices.

Brewed Coffee

Item DescriptionPrice (PHP)
Hot Brewed Coffee (Tall)₱125.00
Hot Brewed Coffee (Grande)₱150.00
Hot Brewed Coffee (Venti)₱165.00
Cold Brew Coffee (Tall)₱170.00
Cold Brew Coffee (Grande)₱195.00
Cold Brew Coffee (Venti)₱210.00
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Coffee (Tall)₱190.00
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Coffee (Grande)₱215.00
Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Coffee (Venti)₱230.00
Caffe Misto (Tall)₱120.00
Caffe Misto (Grande)₱145.00
Caffe Misto (Venti)₱160.00
Pressed Coffee₱155.00
Salted Caramel Cold Brew (Tall)₱210.00
Salted Caramel Cold Brew (Grande)₱235.0
Salted Caramel Cold Brew (Venti)₱250.00
Gingerbread Latte (Tall)₱215.00

Starbucks Espresso

Item DescriptionPrice (PHP)
Double Mocha Coconut Macchiato (Tall – 1 shot of Espresso)₱200.00
Double Mocha Coconut Macchiato (Tall – 2 shots of Espresso)₱225.00
Vienna Creamy Latte (Tall) – Exclusive coffee
1 shot of Espresso
Vienna Creamy Latte (Grande) – Exclusive coffee
2 shots of Espresso
Flat White (Tall)₱175.00
Flat White (Grande)₱200.00
Flat White (Venti)₱215.00
Caffe Latte (Tall)₱170.00
Caffe Latte (Grande)₱195.00
Caffe Latte (Venti)₱210.00
Cappuccino (Tall)₱165.00
Cappuccino (Grande)₱190.00
Cappuccino (Venti)₱205.00
Caffe Mocha (Tall)₱185.00
Caffe Mocha (Grande)₱200.00
Caffe Mocha (Venti)₱225.00
White Mocha (Tall)₱195.00
White Mocha (Grande)₱220.00
White Mocha (Venti)₱235.00
White Chocolate Mocha (Tall)₱165.00
White Chocolate Mocha (Grande)₱190.00
White Chocolate Mocha (Venti)₱205.00
Caffe Americano (Tall)₱160.00
Caffe Americano (Grande)₱185.00
Caffe Americano (Venti)₱200.00
Brown Sugar Soymilk Espresso Iced Shaken (Tall)₱195.00
Brown Sugar Soymilk Espresso Iced Shaken (Grande)₱220.00
Brown Sugar Soymilk Espresso Iced Shaken (Venti)₱235.00
Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato (Tall)₱190.00
Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato (Grande)₱215.00
Hazelnut Caramel Macchiato (Venti)₱230.00
Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato (Tall)₱190.00
Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato (Grande)₱215.00
Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato (Venti)₱230.00
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (Tall)₱195.00
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (Grande)₱220.00
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato (Venti)₱235.00
Cold Foam Iced Espresso (Tall)₱180.00
Cold Foam Iced Espresso (Grande)₱205.00
Cold Foam Iced Espresso (Venti)₱230.00
Ristretto Bianco (Tall)₱160.00
Ristretto Bianco (Grande)₱185.00
Ristretto Bianco (Venti)₱200.00
Espresso – Solo₱135.00
Espresso – Doppio₱145.00

Chocolate Flavors

Item DescriptionPrice (PHP)
White Chocolate (Tall)₱165.00
White Chocolate (Grande)₱190.00
White Chocolate (Venti)₱205.00
Signature Chocolate Flavor (Tall)₱180.00
Signature Chocolate Flavor (Grande)₱205.00
Signature Chocolate Flavor (Venti)₱220.00

Starbucks Frappuccino

Item DescriptionPrice (PHP)
Dark Mocha (Tall)₱205.00
Dark Mocha (Grande)₱230.00
Dark Mocha (Venti)₱245.00
Mocha Frappuccino (Tall)₱175.00
Mocha Frappuccino (Grande)₱200.00
Mocha Frappuccino (Venti)₱215.00
Triple Mocha (Tall)₱175.00
Triple Mocha (Grande)₱200.00
Triple Mocha (Venti)₱215.00
White Mocha (Tall)₱175.00
White Mocha (Grande)₱200.00
White Mocha (Venti)₱215.00
Pure Matcha Cream (Tall)₱170.00
Pure Matcha Cream (Grande)₱195.00
Pure Matcha Cream (Venti)₱210.00
Java Chip Frappuccino (Tall)₱200.00
Java Chip Frappuccino (Grande)₱225.00
Java Chip Frappuccino (Venti)₱240.00
Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Tall)₱200.00
Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Grande)₱225.00
Coffee Jelly Frappuccino (Venti)₱240.00
Caramel Frappuccino (Tall)₱175.00
Caramel Frappuccino (Grande)₱200.00
Caramel Frappuccino (Venti)₱215.00
Caramel Cream (Tall)₱185.00
Caramel Cream (Grande)₱205.00
Caramel Cream (Venti)₱220.00
Chocolate Chip Cream (Tall)₱200.00
Chocolate Chip Cream (Grande)₱225.00
Chocolate Chip Cream (Venti)₱240.00
Chocolate Cream (Tall)₱175.00
Chocolate Cream (Grande)₱200.00
Chocolate Cream (Venti)₱215.00
Strawberries & Cream (Tall)₱200.00
Strawberries & Cream (Grande)₱225.00
Strawberries & Cream (Venti Size)₱240.00
Vanilla Cream (Tall)₱170.00
Vanilla Cream (Grande)₱195.00
Vanilla Cream (Venti)₱210.00
Green Tea Cream (Tall)₱175.000
Green Tea Cream (Grande)₱200.00
Green Tea Cream (Venti)₱215.00
Chai Cream (Tall)₱190.00
Chai Cream (Grande)₱215.00
Chai Cream (Venti)₱240.00
Red Velvet Cake Cream (Tall)₱195.00
Red Velvet Cake Cream (Grande)₱220.00
Red Velvet Cake Cream (Venti)₱235.00
Rock Salted Caramel Soymilk Iced Shaken (Tall)₱210.00
Rock Salted Caramel Soymilk Iced Shaken (Grande)₱235.00
Rock Salted Caramel Soymilk Iced Shaken (Venti)₱250.00
Rock Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappe (Tall)₱230.00
Rock Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappe (Grande)₱255.00
Rock Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappe (Venti)₱270.00
Light Rock Salted Caramel Oatmilk Frappe (Tall)₱230.00
Light Rock Salted Caramel Oat milk Frappe (Grande)₱255.00
Light Rock Salted Caramel Oat milk Frappe (Venti)₱270.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Frappe (Tall)₱160.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Frappe (Grande)₱185.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Frappe (Venti)₱200.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Cream Frappuccino (Tall)₱155.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Cream Frappuccino (Grande)₱170.00
Light Pumpkin Spice Cream Frappuccino (Venti)₱195.00
Pumpkin Spice Latte (Tall)₱160.00
Pumpkin Spice Latte (Grande)₱185.00
Pumpkin Spice Latte (Venti)₱200.00
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (Tall)₱165.00
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (Grande)₱190.00
Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (Venti)₱205.00
Additional Frappuccino Chips₱35.00
Additional Coffee Jelly₱40.00
Additional Pomegranate Pearls₱40.00
You may also choose “Light Frappuccino” for above flavors at same price
Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Peach Passion Blossom Cream Frappuccino₱200.00
Light Peach Passion Blossom Cream Frappuccino ₱200.00
French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Latte₱230.00
French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Frappuccino with CREAM₱230.00
French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Frappuccino₱230.00
Light French Vanilla Mille-Feuille Oatmilk Frappuccino₱230.00
XOXO Frappuccino₱205.00
Light XOXO Frappuccino₱205.00
Vienna Cream Frappuccino (Tall size)₱200.00
Vienna Cream Frappuccino (Grande size)₱225.00
Light Vienna Cream Frappuccino – Exclusive Drink₱200.00
Vienna Extra Cream Frappe – Exclusive Drink₱200.00
Light Vienna Creamy Frappe₱180.00
Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino₱215.00
Light Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino₱215.00
Gingerbread Frappuccino₱215.00
Gingerbread Cream Frappuccino₱215.00
Light Gingerbread Cream Frappuccino₱215.00
Toffee Nut Crunch Latte₱215.00
Peppermint Mocha₱215.00
Peppermint Chocolate Cream Frappuccino₱215.00
Light Peppermint Chocolate Cream Frappuccino₱215.00
Toffee Nut Crunch Frappuccino₱215.00
Light Toffee Nut Crunch Frappuccino₱215.00
Above prices in this table are for Tall sizes(355ml)

Starbucks Refreshers

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Fruit Cup ₱155.00
Dragon Drink with Mango Dragonfruit (Tall)₱185.00
Dragon Drink with Mango Dragonfruit (Grande)₱210.00
Dragon Drink with Mango Dragonfruit (Venti)₱225.00
Mango Dragonfruit with Lemonade (Tall)₱185.00
Mango Dragonfruit with Lemonade (Grande)₱210.00
Mango Dragon fruit with Lemonade (Venti)₱225.00
Strawberry Acai with Lemonade (Tall)₱185.00
Strawberry Acai with Lemonade (Grande)₱210.00
Strawberry Acai with Lemonade (Venti)₱225.00
Pink Drink with Strawberry Acai (Tall)₱190.00
Pink Drink with Strawberry Acai (Grande)₱205.00
Pink Drink with Strawberry Acai (Venti)₱230.00

Teavana Teas

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Full-Leaf Brewed Tea (Tall)₱130.00
Full-Leaf Brewed Tea (Grande)₱155.00
Full-Leaf Brewed Tea (Venti)₱170.00
Pure Matcha Latte (Tall)₱180.00
Pure Matcha Latte (Grande)₱205.00
Pure Matcha Latte (Venti)₱220.00
Pure Matcha & Espresso Fusion (Tall)₱180.00
Pure Matcha & Espresso Fusion (Grande)₱205.00
Pure Matcha & Espresso Fusion (Venti)₱220.00
Chai Tea Latte (Tall)₱170.00
Chai Tea Latte (Grande)₱195.00
Chai Tea Latte (Venti)₱220.00
Green Tea Latte (Tall)₱165.00
Green Tea Latte (Grande)₱190.00
Green Tea Latte (Venti)₱205.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea (Tall)₱140.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea (Grande)₱165.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea (Venti)₱180.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate (Tall)₱170.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate (Grande)₱195.00
Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate (Venti)₱210.00
Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit & Honey (Tall)₱170.00
Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit & Honey (Grande)₱195.00
Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit & Honey (Venti)₱210.00

Sandwiches & Salads

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mushroom Melt Sandwich₱215.00
Sausage Ragu₱255.00
Salmon Dill₱215.00
Chicken Barbecue Sandwich₱200.00
Roasted Chicken Pesto₱210.00
Roasted Egg, Ham & Cheese Croissant Bun₱190.00
Spam Classic Egg & Cheese on Potato Bread₱195.00
Turkey Ham, Egg White & Cheese on English Muffin₱195.00
Spanish Chorizo, Egg & Cheese on Pandesal₱190.00
Roasted Chicken Pesto₱210.00
Melted Tuna Sandwich₱215.00
Plant Based Classic Lasagna₱235.00

Bakery Items

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Roasted Chicken Caesar on Focaccia₱270.00
Casarecce with Misto Butter Salmon₱255.00
Smoked Bacon and Mushroom Bake₱255.00
Cheesy Brioche₱135.00
Chicken Pot Pie₱145.00
Cacio e Pepe Croissant₱165.00
Chicken Fajita Roll₱175.00
Turkey, Ham, Egg, Mozzarella Cheese on Pecan Bread
Must Try!
Spanish Tuna Pandesal₱125.00
Corned Beef Pandesal₱125.00
Sausage Roll₱155.00
Four Cheese Flatbread₱150.00
Sausage & Bacon Flatbread₱155.00
French Butter Croissant₱135.00
Everything Bagel₱85.00
Banana Bread₱95.00
Sakura Donut₱115.00
Valentine Donut₱115.00
Glazed Doughnut₱85.00
Purple Monster Doughnut₱105.00
Chocolate Dipped Donut₱90.00
Plant based Chocolate Belgian Chip cookie₱125.00
Double Chocolate Belgian Cookie₱155.00
Triple Cheese Ensaymada₱135.00
Cinnamon Danish₱130.00
French Toast with Maple Syrup₱140.00
Cherry Licious Fritter₱95.00
Cavatappi with Spinach, Tomato & Ricotta₱265.00

Cake Slices

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Acai Berry Cheesecake – single slice₱260.00
Mango Coco Sans Rival Cheesecake₱315.00
Mango Float Slice ₱375.00
Black Sesame Crepe Cake Slice₱290.00
Mango Tiramisu Slice₱365.00
Mont Blanc Cheesecake Slice₱275.00
Pistachio Slice₱275.00
Chocolate Toffee Nut Roulade₱165.00
Classic Chocolate Cake Slice₱230.00
Mango-Berry Crepe Cake ₱265.00
Apple Pumpkin Cake Slice₱260.00
Blueberry-llicious Cheesecake₱275.00
New York Cheesecake Slice₱245.00
Brookie Cheesecake with Belgian Chocolate₱280.00
Chocolate Crepe slice₱245.00
White Chocolate Pecan Cookie₱185.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie₱120.00
Red Velvet Whoopie Pie₱120.00

Pasta Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Fusilli Baked Salmon₱270.00
Penne Pesto with Mushroom₱210.00

Breakfast Meal Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Perfect Oatmeal₱115.00

Syrup Add-on

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Vanilla Syrup₱25.00
Hazelnut Syrup₱25.00
Salted Caramel Syrup₱25.00
Caramel Flavor₱25.00

Flavored Sauce Add-on

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Mocha Sauce₱25.00
White Mocha Sauce₱35.00
Strawberry Sauce₱35.00

Espresso Shot

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Extra Espresso Shot₱40.00

All above Starbucks menu prices listed are nearly accurate. However, it’s a good practice to double check with your nearest Starbucks store before placing your order.

Starbucks Cup Sizes

The coffee chain uses different cup names for its coffee and beverages. Here’s the list with their sizes from smallest to largest order:

  • Demi – 3 oz (89 ml)
  • Short – 8 oz (237 ml)
  • Tall – 12 oz (355 ml)
  • Grande – 16 oz. (474 ml)
  • Venti – 20 oz (592 ml)
  • Trenta – 31 oz (917 ml)

Starbucks Menu: 11 Best Coffee’s to Try

Starbucks offers a great selection of coffee choices from its menu for every moment, whether you want to beat the summer heat, attend an official meeting or hang out with a friend. Plus, their cosy environment makes it an ideal spot for any mood.
Let’s explore the top recommended items from Starbucks Philippines menu, as per our coffee-loving experience!

Fun fact – You can personalise your coffee or beverage by having your name written on the cup and be called out by baristas.

1. Starbucks Pink Drink

Starbucks Pink Drink: Vibrant, pink-color beverage in a clear cup with ice, showcasing a refreshing and fruity flavor
Cool & Delicious as it looks!

This pink beverage combines strawberry and creamy coconut milk to create a tasty and refreshing treat. Your smoothie can have light ice, regular ice, or none at all added to it, depending on how you feel. You can also choose how many strawberry scoops to put in.
Delight in every sip of this delicious pink drink, creating a memorable experience that will leave you wanting more, all for just ₱205 for Grande size and ₱230 for Venti size cup.

2. Starbucks Cappuccino

Classic coffee drink in clear ceramic mug featuring rich espresso, steamed milk and foam on top of hot cup
Sip & Enjoy Bliss of Starbucks Cappuccino

Indulge in a delectable combination of espresso and creamy steamed milk, which is then topped with a delightful layer of milk foam, for a delicious and soothing taste experience. Starbucks cappuccino is perfect for a relaxing moment, available at just 165 Pesos for a Tall cup and 190 Pesos for a Grande size. 

3. White Chocolate Mocha

Creamy coffee beverage made with espresso for indulgent flavor for price of 165 Pesos(Tall)
Enjoy Creamy Delight

A delectable combination, espresso topped with white chocolate syrup, steamed soy milk, and whipped cream, is an outstanding choice that you could go for. You can select a topping consisting of additional, lightly whipped, or no whipped cream. You can also change the taste as per your liking by adding chocolate malt or vanilla bean powder. A Tall cup would cost 165 Pesos, Grande size for 190 Pesos, while a Venti(20 oz) would cost PHP 205.

4. Caffe Mocha

Tasty drink from Starbucks menu with foam topped till top of mug that combines coffee with chocolate for rich taste
Chocolaty Bliss in Warm Cup!

Don’t forget the Starbucks Caffe Mocha, a mix of espresso and dark mocha sauce in steamed milk, for ₱185 for a Tall size or ₱200 for a 16 ounce Grande cup with 2 espresso shots. You can also opt for an add-on of caramel or hazelnut syrup and choose whether you want it to be sweet, slightly sweet, or not sweet at all.

5. Flat White

Smooth and bold cup of hot coffee with steamed milk creating great taste & aroma
Smooth Milky Perfection!

Enjoy the rich taste of ristretto shots of Espresso mixed with creamy vanilla milk and topped with a smooth layer of foam. Flat white is an excellent choice for a comforting coffee break. You can choose between 1 or 2 espresso shots for a soft yet well-balanced taste for ₱175 tall and ₱215 for a venti size. 
You may also try it in Honey Almond Milk flavor if you like the taste of almonds, honey, and nuts.

6. Caramel Macchiato

sweet and flavorful cup with mix of caramel and espresso with creamy milk, for price of 190 pesos from any Starbucks store in Phillippines
Coffee Lover’s Dream!

Enjoy the harmonious and delightful combination of Espresso and steamed milk with vanilla syrup and caramel drizzle for a flavorful taste and aroma. Personalize it with salted caramel syrup and white mocha sauce to make it your own taste, for just 190 Pesos. To change things up, try the Hazelnut Mocha Macchiato.
Feeling hungry, too? A sticky cinnamon bun with your coffee makes a great combination.

7. Cold Brew

Refreshing coffee beverage with foam at top of mug, served over ice for cool taste and flavor for PHP 190
Chilled Coffee Refresher

This is only for a few lucky ones because it is only made in small amounts and takes 20 hours to make in cool water. Add some additional ice and enjoy the refreshing chill with every sip for only 170 Pesos.
You can also try vanilla sweet cold brew, and choose from different amounts of vanilla cream addon, from PHP 190 for Tall size.

8. Caffè Americano 

Simple texture yet strong coffee in ceramic mug made by diluting espresso in hot water for 160 Pesos (tall size)
Perfect for Great Morning!

Discover and try the classic taste of the famous Americano coffee from the Starbucks menu. Pouring hot water into strong espresso shots makes a rich and strong taste with a thin layer of crema on top. The cost of a Tall serving size would be ₱160, and for a Grande size, it would be ₱185.
Choose and customize from the following espresso roasts to make your own taste: 

  • Signature espresso roast
  • Blonde espresso roast
  • Decaf  
  • ⅓ decaf
  • ½ decaf
  • ⅔ decaf

9. Hot Chocolate

Comforting drink served in a cup with cocoa and steamed milk from Starbucks menu
Warm Hug of Chocolate!

This calming hot beverage combines creamy cocoa, steamed milk, and whipped cream on top.  For the milk, you can choose from heavy cream, vanilla sweet cream, no fat milk, almond, coconut, soy or oat milk. You can also choose to have extra thick foam, light foam, or no foam at all for your hot chocolate. The rich chocolate flavor is sure to brighten your day for just ₱180.
You may also try the White Chocolate flavor for just ₱190, Grande cup.

10. Chai Tea Latte

Warm drink for all tea lovers with smooth foam at top served at Starbucks menu for price of 170 Pesos
Chai Latte Delight

Especially for tea lovers, this isn’t just a chai; it’s a chai latte. Black tea is soaked in steamed milk with cinnamon, clove, and some more spices and then topped with foam for a great taste and aroma. You can adjust the taste by adding sugar or honey for sweetness. Choose and add espresso roast, caramel or mocha sauce as a topping for PHP 170 large size from any Starbucks outlet.

11. Caramel Frappuccino

Cool & sweet Starbucks menu prices - coffee based beverage with caramel syrup, blended with ice for a refreshing taste for 175 Pesos
Indulge in Carmel Flavor

Enjoy the delightful fusion of rich caramel syrup with coffee, milk, and ice. Customize your treat with a topping, like extra or light drizzled caramel, whipped cream, or hazelnut syrup. Get the Starbucks’ best seller for just 175 Pesos.

Fun fact – Caramel Frappuccino is a trademarked term by Starbucks.

Breakfast Meals- Items Included in Menu

Wake up and smell the coffee with a delicious breakfast from the Starbucks menu. In addition to coffee, Starbucks also offers delicious meals to enjoy.

Turkey bacon, cheddar and Egg white sandwich – Delight in the new English muffin filled with Turkey bacon, Egg whites, and melted cheese. Customize it by adding sriracha. You may also try the chicken, maple butter and egg sandwich, which is another great option to start your day with smile. Love sandwiches and burgers? Visit Burger King menu for their flame grilled burgers.

Impossible breakfast sandwich – Indulge in the tasty ciabatta bun packed with fried egg, cheddar cheese, and sausage. And why not pair it with a refreshing cappuccino for your morning delight? Explore Jollibee menu & prices for Filipino styled breakfast, delicious burgers and fried chicken.

Double smoked bacon cheddar & Egg sandwich – This is a must-try meal. Bacon is cooked for six hours and served in a croissant along with fried egg and topped with melted cheese. You can also remove the cheese to suit your taste. Love sandwich wraps? Don’t miss out on KFC menu.

Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap – Do you also love spinach like Popeye? Then try this freshly made wrap with spinach and cheese paired with egg and cheese straight from the kitchen to your plate. For more delicious options visit the famous McDonald’s Menu.

Starbucks Menu – Bakery Items

  • Purple Monster Doughnut – savor the delicious Purple Yam Donut, which is decorated with cute little eyes of monster on top. Dunkin donuts menu should be on your list as well, for more delectable donut offerings.
  • Butter Croissant – Try the freshly baked butter croissant, which is soft and fluffy with every bite. Add it to your plate with Americano coffee and enjoy your coffee break. You can also choose the chocolate or ham & swiss croissant. 
  • Four Cheese Flat – Freshly baked in an oven and made of cheese, garlic and dried herbs is a great choice for 150 Pesos. Also try the sausage roll with it for an extra ₱155.
  • Double Chocolate Pecan Bar – Try the fudgy cookie topped with chocolate chunks and pecan nuts. For a better taste and experience, try the Choco blink cookie with it as well. Explore the Red Ribbon Menu and Goldilocks Menu for delectable Bakery Items and Cakes.

This section of menu offers various other Items to choose from as well:

  1. Sausage & Bacon Flat Bread
  2. Banana Bread
  3. Chocolate Dipped Donut
  4. Everything Bagel
  5. Triple Cheese Ensaymada
  6. Cinnamon Danish Bun
  7. French Toast made with twist of Maple Syrup
  8. Cavatappi made with Spinach & Ricotta

Iced Teas Varieties & Starbucks Menu Prices

There are several kinds of Ice teas on the Starbucks Philippines Menu. Whether you are craving Iced black tea, Iced green tea or Iced herbal tea, there’s always an option for everyone. 

Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea – Enjoy the delightful taste of hibiscus infused with lemongrass, mango and juicy papaya with ice for a refreshing treat, for only ₱140. Customize your drink with caramel, hazelnut or vanilla syrup as per your preference. 
You can also opt for the iced shaken hibiscus tea with pomegranate to enjoy the authentic taste and essence of pomegranate flavor. 

Iced Shaken Black Tea with Ruby Grapefruit – Relish the blend of black Ice tea combined with delicious bits of grapefruit, honey and pomelo bits. Personalize it by adding strawberry sauce or salted caramel syrup to satisfy your taste buds. Yours to enjoy for ₱170.
Try it with chocolate-dipped doughnut(₱90) for an enhanced flavor.

Iced Matcha Lemonade – Refresh your mood and day with this drink by blending Matcha green tea and lemonade over ice. You can also add extra lemonade as per your taste. Explore J.Co menu for more varieties of Iced Teas and cold beverages.

Iced passion Tango Tea – This red color refreshing drink is soothing to the eyes and mood. Delight in the mixture of hibiscus, apple, and lemonade served with ice. Enhance the soothing sensation by adding extra ice to this herbal iced tea.

Starbucks Refreshers – Best Menu picks 

Frozen Mango Dragon Fruit Lemonade. 

Enjoy the refreshing blend of Mango and dragon fruit with lemonade and ice. Add as many scoops of dragon fruit for an extra exotic taste. Relive the moment for ₱185 for tall and ₱225 venti size.
You can also try the Frozen Pineapple Passionfruit as another great option.

Strawberry Acai Lemonade 

Strawberry is a beloved fruit of many. Savor the refreshing flavor of strawberry infused with lemonade, poured over ice. Add extra scoops of lemonade to elevate your evening vibes, for ₱210 Grande cup. 

Pineapple Paradise Drink

A blend of passionfruit and pineapple with creamy, rich coconut milk is a great energizer to cherish the moment. Choose the vanilla sweet cream, coconut milk or soy milk to create your unique taste. All this for ₱240 for Grande size(16 oz).

Starbucks Frappuccino- world of flavors

Pure Matcha Cream 

Elevate your mood with a mix of matcha green tea and milk poured over ice that is topped with whipped cream. Personalize the taste with caramel crunch or chocolate mint cookie topping for the price of ₱210 for venti.

Java Chip Frappe

Indulge in velvety mocha sauce and delightful chocolate chips blended with the freshness of coffee, ice and milk, topped with whipped cream and a drizzle of mocha to add a touch of flavor to your day, for 200 Pesos. 

Strawberry & Cream Frappuccino

Indulge in the creamy richness of strawberries infused with milk and ice, offering a delightful treat to your taste buds for just PHP 200. You may, of course customize it with cinnamon powder and caramel or mocha drizzle as topping. 

Variety of Frappe Flavors Await 

Starbucks menu has a long list of Frappuccino flavors for everyone. Some of the flavors are as follows, that you could try:

  • Mocha cookie crumble
  • Caramel ribbon crunch
  • White mocha
  • Chocolate chip
  • Caramel, vanilla & chocolate cream
  • Coffee jelly 
  • Vanilla cream
  • Dark mocha 
  • Triple Mocha
  • Green tea cream
  • Chai cream & coffee Frappuccino
  • Pumpkin spice latte
  • Light pumpkin spice cream
  • Rock salted caramel oat milk
  • Pumpkin Spice Frappe
  • Red velvet cake cream

You can also enjoy a light Frappuccino version of your favorite flavors, all at the same price.

While ordering your favorite Frappe from the menu, you could choose Strawberry sauce, Mocha or White Mocha Sauce to make things slightly different. Moreover you could also top up your beverage with Frappuccino Chips, Coffee Jelly or Pomegranate Pearls.

Fun fact – Coffee chain doesn’t mind or question how much ever long their customer spend time at their branches.

Newly Introduced Menu Items

Starbucks keeps adding new menu items to its arsenal to fit every taste and occasion, here’s the list of most recent additions to Starbucks menu.

Milk Selections

Following are the milk choices you can opt for your coffee while ordering:

  1. Whole milk
  2. Vanilla sweet cream
  3. 2% Milk
  4. Sub breve
  5. Soy milk
  6. Sub oat
  7. Coconut
  8. Non-fat
  9. Whole milk

While ordering your coffee you could also choose the temperature of the milk to be: Warm, Steamed Hot or Extra Hot.
Also, you could select creamer from: Regular foam, Wet, Extra Wet, Dry or Extra Dry.

Espresso & Shot Selections

You could choose and customize from the below choices for the Espresso for your coffee and the amount of espresso shots you would like to have in your coffee.

  • Signature & Espresso Roast
  • Blonde Espresso Roast
  • 1/3 Decaf Espresso Roast
  • 2/3 Decaf Espresso Roast
  • 1/2 Decaf Espresso Roast

Syrup Choices

Choose your favorite choice of syrup from the available options:

  • Vanilla syrup
  • caramel syrup
  • Salted caramel syrup
  • Hazelnut

You could also choose to have the syrup to be sweet, slightly sweet, or regular sweet.

Options of Sauce

Make your own taste by choosing White Mocha Sauce or Mocha Sauce for your coffee or drink.

Alternate choices

As an alternate you could also try the below choices for flavorful coffee experience:

Starbucks Delivery 

You can conveniently order your favorite brewed coffee or food through the following methods.

Website: You may easily place your order through their website.
App: Download and use their official app for quick and hassle-free food delivery. 
Food panda: You could also order through third party food delivery service like Food Panda app. However minimum order should be of 119 Pesos.
Store Locator: For location and branch address you may visit here.

Opening Hours

At certain locations, you’ll find their branches open 24 hours a day, while others may close at 8 p.m., depending on their specific location. You can use their store locator to check the business hours of the outlet you plan to visit.

Social Media

You could also follow the Starbucks Philippines on their below listed official accounts for updates.

Starbucks Rewards

More you spend, the more you get. When you pay through the app or by your debit/credit card you earn certain points called “stars”. Once you have earned these stars you can redeem them for your favorite food, coffee or a drink at Starbucks. 
For any concerns you could call at their hotline at 8462-6262 or write them at [email protected]

No. of StarsBenefits
25 StarsCustomize your drink
100 StarsRedeem for breakfast meal or cold brew coffee
300 StarsRedeem for a bag of coffee or protein box
400 StarsGet your favorite coffee tumbler or merch.

You can also purchase Starbucks Merchandise here.

Beginnings of Starbucks Café

Starbucks was founded by 3 founders Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, Zev Siegel in 1971 in Seattle. All 3 founders were huge tea and coffee lovers. They raised money through investors to open its first store. 
By 1980 Starbucks had opened its 4th store in Seattle. The first international Starbucks store was opened in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan. Today, Starbucks has grown to have more than 32,000 locations worldwide, making it one of the largest coffee chains globally.

Fun fact – The Coffee Giant has its own ‘coffee bean farm’ in Costa Rica.

Starbucks in Philippines

Starbucks opened its first store in the Philippines back in the year 1997 December, which is hugely loved by Filipinos today. With dedication and commitment to quality it has expanded to more than 300 branches nationwide. The exceptional coffee flavors and inviting atmosphere has positioned the coffee chain as a preferred destination for many to share their love for coffee. 

Widely famous coffee chain is owned and operated by Rustan Group of companies.

Fun fact – Average cups of coffee’s sold per day are 600 per outlet.

Ordering Starbucks Menu – Visual Tour

YouTube video


You could opt for Caramel Macchiato which has espresso as base mixed with vanilla syrup and caramel sauce in steamed milk. Price for Tall size would be P195.

You can stay updated by visiting their official website

Yes, you can choose to have your own milk choice, milk temperature, and the amount of Espresso shots.

Yes, you could choose to have the Caramel drizzle.

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