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Minute Burger is a famous and popular Filipino burger chain, known for its affordable burger meals and mouthwatering meals like, Black Pepper burger, Premium Burgers with Milk Tea, Beef Shawarma burger, French onion Franks, Chimichurri Burger with Nachos and many more delightful meal choices.

Explore the complete and updated Minute burger menu prices below.

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Mas Sulit

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Buy 1 Get 1 Minute Burger with Nachos & Drinks (includes 16oz juice & cheese carne Nachos)₱162.00
Buy 1 Take 1 double chicken Time with nachos and drinks.₱199.00
Buy 1 Get 1 Chicken Time with Nachos & Drinks (meal includes 16oz juice & cheese carne Nachos)₱172.00
2 Minute Burgers with Nachos & Drinks (with 16oz juice & cheese carne Nachos)₱195.00

Sulit Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Buy 1 get another Minute Burger with Drinks (Calaman Tea) and juice₱94.00
Buy 1 Take 1 Cheese burger with drinks₱106.00
Double Minute Burger with Drinks (buy 1 get another complimentary)₱125.00
Double cheese Burger with 2 Drinks₱142.00
2 Minute Burgers with Milk Tea₱102.00
2 Cheese Burgers + Milk Tea₱115.00
2 Chicken Time with Milk Tea₱112.00
Double chicken Time meal includes drinks₱132.00
All above meal items are Buy 1 get 1

Family Bundles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Brodkada Bundle
2 bacon cheese burgers + 2 shawarma burgers + 2 cheesy carne nachos + 4 drinks included
Daddy’s Best Bundle
Includes – 2 Black pepper burger + 2 chili con carne cheese sausages + 2 cheese nachos + 4 drinks of your choice.
Mommy’s Best Bundle
Includes – 2 double minute burgers, 2 pieces of double chicken time, 2 cheese nachos & 4 drinks of your choice
Includes: 2 minute Burgers, 2 cheese Sausages + 2 cheese carne Nachos & 4 drinks
Sissy Bundle
includes: 2 Roasted chicken burger, 2 French Onion Franks + 2 cheese carne Nachos & 4 drinks

Premium Burgers

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Beef Shawarma Burger + Leslie’s Chips₱166.00
Steak burger + Leslies Chips₱224.00
50/50 Vegetable & Chicken burger with Leslie’s premium chips ₱156.00
Bacon Cheese Burger with Leslies chips ₱174.00
Chicken Roast Burger + Leslie’s Chips₱172.00
Black pepper burger along with Leslies Premium chips ₱168.00
Chili con Carne cheese Sausages + Leslie’s premium chips₱170.00
French Onion Sausages + Leslie’s premium chips₱168.00
All above meals are under “buy 1 get 1” offer

May bago Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
2 French onion Sausages₱125.00
2 Steak Burgers₱182.00
Chimichurri Burger with leslie’s chips₱175.00
Chimichurri Burger₱134.00
Chimichurri Burger with Nachos & Drink₱239.00
Chimichurri Burger + Milk Tea combo₱177.00

Pinakasulit Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Buy 1 Take 1 – Chili con Carne with Nachos & Calaman Tea₱288.00
Bacon cheese Burger with Nachos & Calaman Tea (Buy 1 Get 1 deal)₱238.00
Steak burger with nachos & Drink₱288.00
Beef Shawarma Burger with Nachos & Calaman Tea (Buy 1 Take 1 offer)₱228.00
Black Pepper Burger with Nachos + Calaman Tea₱228.00
Roasted Chicken Burger with Nachos & Calaman Tea₱233.00
French Onion Hotdog with Nacho tray and Drink (Calaman Tea) – buy 1 get 1 ₱228.00
50/50 Veggie Premium Chicken burger with Nachos & Drink₱220.00

Burger & Milk Tea Combo

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
French onion sausage with Milk Tea₱168.00
Roasted Chicken Burger + Milk Tea₱174.00
Black Pepper Burger with Milk Tea₱168.00
Steakburger along with Milk Tea₱226.00
Bacon Cheese Burger & Milk Tea₱176.00
50/50 Veggie Premium Chicken burger with Milk Tea₱160.00
Beef Shawarma Burger with Milk Tea₱168.00

May Bago 2.0

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chili Cheesy Burger Ala Carte₱72.00
Chili Cheesy Burger with Drink₱108.00
Chili Cheesy Burger with Nachos + Drink₱176.00
Chili Cheesy Burger with Nachos₱140.00

Asado & Chorizo Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pan de Asado Ala Carte₱65.00
Pan de Asado with Nachos₱134.00
Pan de Asado with Nachos & Hot Mocha₱162.00
Pan de Asado with Hot Mocha₱162.00
Pan de Chorizo Ala Carte₱65.00
Pan de Chorizo with Nachos₱135.00
Pan de Chorizo and Hot Mocha coffee₱91.00
Pan de Chorizo with Nachos + Hot Mocha coffee₱160.00

Saver Bundles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
French Onion Franks + Drink + Clover chips₱170.00
Beef Shawarma with Drink + Clover chips₱173.00
Chili con Carne Cheese Franks with Drink + Clover chips₱176.00
Black Pepper burger + Drink + Clover chips₱170.00
50/50 Veggie Premium Chicken burger with Chips & Drink₱163.00
Bacon Cheese Burger with Drink & Chips₱178.00
Roasted Chicken Burger (sesame bun) + Drink + Clover chips₱176.00

Coffee & Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Wintermelon Milk Tea₱42.00
Iced Chocolate₱36.00
Hot Mocha₱26.00
Iced Mocha₱38.00
Hot Coffee₱23.00
Hot Chocolate (8 oz)₱26.00
Calaman Tea – 16oz size₱36.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Cheesy Carne Nachos

All above Minute burger menu prices are near to accurate, but kindly double check with the store before placing your order.

Must Try Burgers from the Menu

1. Black Pepper Burger

Delightful black pepper burger on menu
Peppered perfection!

The savory and unique flavor of this burger is something that makes it a must try. It has a beef patty flavored with black pepper and is loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and mayo that make great combo and taste for savory burger experience. Enjoy it with milk tea for 168 Pesos. Also Explore the McDonalds burgers for wide variety of famous and delightful choices.

2. Steakburger

closeup of burger with calaman tea on side
Delicious as it looks!

Indulge in this juicy and delicious beef patty between the soft buns along with lettuce, mayo, onion, pickles, and special sauce along with melted cheese. The patty is usually pretty thick which keeps it nice and juicy even if the cheese melting over it. Enjoy the 2 steak burger for 182 Pesos, or meal with nachos and drink for P288. Also checkout the Jollibee yumburger which is equally as good and popular.

3. Chili Cheese Burger

savory taste of cheese and chili between buns
Spice up your bite

Enjoy this delicious juicy cheese burger from the menu with perfect balance of spicy sauce on top, along with melted cheese and fresh onions between soft buns. Enjoy it with nachos for just P176. Love flame grilled burgers? Explore Burger king flame-grilled menu.

As an alternate you could also explore the Wendy’s burger menu and other group meals to satisfy your cravings.

Minute Burger Beverages

milk tea on minute burger menu
Sip and Enjoy!

This section of minute burger menu features delightful beverages and coffee, such as wintermelon milk tea(P42), Frutwist for P36 , famous Calaman tea for PHP36 and more. If you’re looking for variety of cold beverages then visit, Starbucks beverages or J.Co’s menu pricelist for even more delightful choices.

Official Social Media

You could also follow the official social media handles and connect with their social media team from below.

Online Delivery

You could easily place your order online through their official website or as an alternatively use food panda or grab food by just selecting your location and choosing your favorite meal. As simple as that!

History of Minute Burger

Minute burger chain was founded in 1982 and is known for the taste and exceptional customer service it offers. All the ingredients used are produced inhouse and are NMIS certified and BFAD-approved, which can be verified here. It is operated and is part of Leslie corporation.

Although it operates under franchise model widely, but their inhouse team conducts weekly site visits to the stores, to ensure clean, safe and quality of staff and stores to serve customers.

About Minute Burger: Video Overview

YouTube video


You could choose for anything from Sulit menu, where you would get 2 burgers for the price of 1 like, cheese burger, double cheeseburger, or chicken time meal.

No, but you could visit KFC menu with pricelist for delightful wraps and zinger sandwiches.

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