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Kuya J Menu Prices in Philippines (2024 Updated Pricelist)

Kuya J menu prices: Closeup of grilled Chicken and Beef gravy

Kuya J is a popular restaurant known for its delicious taste and aromatic dishes and party meals such as Pinandan na Manok, Crispy Pata Salo, Chicken, Pork and Fish meals which are favorite among many food lovers.

Explore the updated Kuya J menu prices and complete menu items from below.

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New Menu Dishes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Crispy Pata with Pineapple & Brown Sauce₱1388.00
Cheese Bibingka with Salted Egg₱152.00

New Salo Salo Bundles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Crispy Pata Family Salo Salo Bundle – Newly Introduced
Crispy Family Pata wtih Squid Sisig + Crispy Bagnet Chips + Plain Rice + Pinakbet + 4 pieces of Leche Flan and Large Cold Drink
Fried Chicken Whole Salo Salo Bundle – Newly Introduced
Fried Chicken Whole served with Crispy Bagnet Chips + Monggo sa Gata + Crispy Pompano+ Plain Rice Platter + 4 pieces Leche Flan and 1.5 Liter Coke.
Chicken Roast (Whole size)
Roasted Chicken with Sizzling Tofu, Chicken Patis Skin, Palabok, Rice Platter, Iced Tea Pitcher & Leche Flan (4 pcs)
Fried Chicken (Whole size)
Fried Chicken Whole served with Grilled Scallops + Pancit Canton + Chicken Patis Skin, Rice Platter, Iced Tea Pitcher and Leche Flan(4 pieces)
Crispy Pata Salo Salo – Family meal
Crispy Pata Family with 4 pcs. Leche Flan + Patis Chicken Skin, Chosuey, Sotanghon Guisado, Palin Rice Platter and Iced Tea Pitcher
Crispy Pata Salo Salo – Regular meal
Crispy Pata Regular, Patis Chicken, Chopsuey, Sotanghon Guisado, Plain Rice Platter, Iced Tea Pitcher and 4 pcs. of Leche Flan.

Bida Party Trays

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sotanghon Guisado₱961.00
Pancit Canton₱961.00
Chicken Sisig₱921.00
Grilled Scallops₱931.00
Chicken Barbque₱1188.00
Lumpia Prito ₱842.00
Beef Caldereta ₱1995.00

New Chef Specials

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kuya J. Pinandan na Manok₱321.00
Crispy Tadyang ng Baka₱751.00
Hipon sa Aligue (spicy)₱533.00
Kuya J. Lecheroon₱143.00
Patis Chicken Skin with sauce₱534.00

Salo Chicken (Sharing Meal)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chicken Halang Halang ₱386.00
Chicken Barbeque₱537.00
Lumpia Prito₱284.00
Chcicken sisig (Salo)₱355.00

Salo Beef Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kuya J Beef Caldereta ₱556.00
Beef Tadyang Sinigang₱556.00
Kuya J Bulalo₱662.00
Kuya Beef Pares (salo)₱512.00
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog₱554.00
Grilled Pork Belly₱414.00
Kuya J Sinigang na Baboy₱432.00
kare Kare₱656.00

Salo Fish Menu (Sharing meal)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Bangus Ala Pobre (salo)₱418.00
Sinigang na Bangus ₱432.00

Bida Mamen

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chicken Mamen (spicy taste)₱272.00
Bida Pork Mamen₱272.00

Appetizers Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kuya Grilled Scallops₱248.00
Appetizer sampler₱112.00
Chorizo Dinamitas filled with chicken₱317.00
Crispy Bagnet Chips₱321.00

Favorite Solo Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pinakbet Solo meal + Lechon Kawali₱318.00
1/4 Crispy Bangus Ala Pobre + Pinakbet – solo meal₱252.00
Quarter size Roast Chicken + Crispy Pinakbet – solo meal₱327.00
Fried Chicken with Pinakbet₱327.00

Solo Chicken Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chicken Halang Halang₱228.00
Chicken Sisig₱228.00
Lumpia Prito₱214.00
Chicken BBQ₱236.00

Solo Pork Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kuya J Sinigang na Baboy ₱238.00

Kuya J Fish Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Crispy Bangus Ala Pobre₱280.00
Sinigang na Bangus₱238.00

Solo Beef Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kare Kare₱336.00
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog₱312.00
Kuya Bulalo₱354.00
Tadyang Sinigang₱312.00
Kuya J Beef Caldereta₱332.00
Beef Pares₱270.00

Rice & Noodles

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Garlic Rice cup₱80.00
Plain Rice cup₱73.00
Plain Rice platter₱176.00
Spaghetti bowl₱156.00
Palabok solo size₱156.00
Danggit Rice₱264.00
Palabok Chicken – sharing size₱280.00
Pancit Canton (chicken)₱280.00
Sotanghon Guisado₱280.00

Vegetable Items

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Ensaladang Talong₱158.00
Relyenong Talong₱256.00
Kuya J. Sizzling Tofu₱273.00
Lumpia Presko – Sharing meal₱768.00

Bida Dishes

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Bicol Express₱350.00
Grilled Tuna Belly₱427.00
Crispy Pata – Regular size₱800.00
Lechon kawali₱410.00
Pompano – Extra crispy₱474.00
Roasted Whole Chicken₱661.00
Kuya J. Half chicken₱344.00
Fried Chicken (whole size)₱661.00
Fried Chicken (half)₱343.00
Crispy Pata – Family sharing₱1010.00
Mongga Sa gata₱229.00
Squid Sisig₱348.00

Desserts Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Coffee Jelly₱98.00
Kuya J Special Ube Halo Halo₱160.00
Mango Pandan ₱122.00
Leche Flan₱102.00

Merienda Special

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chocolate Champorado₱126.00
Kuya J Ube Champorado₱126.00
Ginataang Bilo Bilo₱147.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Fresh Buko Shake₱142.00
Fruit Shake₱142.00
Gulaman Special₱123.00
Cucumber shake₱142.00
Ripe sour n sweet Mango Shake₱142.00
Fresh Watermelon Flavored shake₱142.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Pineapple Juice₱98.00
Cucumber Carafe Drink₱218.00
Cold Drinks (can)₱100.00

All above Kuya j menu prices should be near to almost accurate, but its always best to verify from the store before ordering your meal.

Kuya J Delicious Chicken Menu

Closeup of grilled chicken from Kuya J menu

Kuya J restaurant is famously known for its sharing meals and chicken from the menu. You could choose from the quarter size, half size or whole chicken from price starting from 650 Pesos. If you are planning to share the meal with your loved ones kuya J menu has got you covered and you could opt for Salo Salo bundle. For more variety of choices you could also explore Max’s menu and Andoks menu prices for delightful options of family sharing meals.

Newly Introduced Menu Items

Kuya J menu has recently introduced Fave solo meal and salo salo chicken bundles which are a must try. Item meals name are as follows:

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Alternate Choices

You could also try various other restaurants and choices to satisfy your hunger and cravings. Lets explore:

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Also explore the Common Man Coffee Roasters menu which is known for its delectable coffee & brunch menu and has recently launched its first store in the Philippines.

Online Delivery

You could place your order online from Kuya J restaurant through Grab Food or food Panda as per your convenience.

Store Locations

Kuya J has more than 80 branches nationwide. For precise store location and their contact details you could check here.

Social Media Handles

You may also follow the fast food chain’s official social media accounts from below to stay updated with their latest offerings.

Ordering Meal from Kuya J Menu

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