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Discover KFC Menu Prices in Philippines (Updated 2024 Pricelist)

closeup picture of KFC bucket meal, spaghetti, burger and a drink. Complete KFC menu and pricelist mentioned below

Kentucky Fried Chicken, also known as KFC, is famous for “its finger lickin good” taste of its secret herb and spice recipes with crunchy and tender juicy fried chicken meals.

KFC menu is famously known for its signature KFC Fried Chicken, Bucket Meal, KFC Wraps, Iconic Twister, Crunchy Zinger Burger, Delicious Coleslaw, and Delightful Ice Cream which are must try for all fast food lovers.

Explore the updated KFC Menu Prices and complete list of menu items on this page.

Bucket Meals | Chizza | Group Bucket Meals | Solo Chicken Meals | Fully Loaded Meal | Rice Bowls | Ala Carte Rice Combo | Burgers | Secret Menu | Breakfast | Super Platter | Snacks | Fixins & Sides | Desserts & Drinks
*Menu items & Prices could be slightly different as per the branch location.

KFC Bucket Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
3-pc Variety Bucket Meal with 1.5L Coke₱570.00
4-pc Variety Bucket Meal with 1.5L Coke₱615.00
6-pc Chicken Bucket Meal – with Rice, Brownies, Fixins, Drinks₱650.00
8-pc Chicken Bucket Meal – with Rice, Brownies, Fixins, Drinks₱840.00
6-pc Chicken Bucket with Large Spaghetti Platter₱680.00
6-pc Chicken Bucket Meal – with 3 Rice, 3 Fixins, 3 Drinks (Good for 3 people)₱680.00
8-pc Chicken Bucket Meal – with 4 Rice, 4 Fixins, 4 Drinks (Good for 4 people)₱865.00
6-pc Chicken Bucket – Super Platter with Fixin₱720.00
8-pc Chicken Bucket Super Platter – with Fixin₱880.00
10-pc Chicken Bucket – with 2 Fixin Super Platter₱1270.00
3-pc Chicken & Zinger Steak box₱575.00
4-pc Chicken & Zinger Steak box₱745.00

KFC Chizza (Newly Introduced)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
KFC Chizza Ala Carte₱210.00
KFC Chizza Combo₱310.00
KFC Chizza Fully Loaded Meal₱360.00

All Chicken Bucket Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
4 pieces Garlic Butter Bucket₱1080.00
3 pieces Garlic Butter Bucket₱815.00
6-pc Chicken Bucket₱540.00
8-pc Chicken Bucket₱660.00
10-pc Chicken Bucket₱810.00
15-pc Chicken Bucket₱1205.00
20-pc Chicken Bucket₱1610.00
Crispy Strips – Bucket₱318.00
Extreme Bucket of 3 (3 pcs Hot n Spicy Chicken + 3 Original Recipe)₱585.00
Extreme Bucket of 4 (4 pcs Hot n Spicy Chicken + 4 Original Recipe)₱780.00

Solo Chicken Meals

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
1-pc Chicken Meal with Spaghetti₱210.00
1-pc Chicken Meal with Mushroom Soup₱190.00
1-pc Chicken Meal with Mashed Potato₱190.00
2-pc Chicken Meal (with Fixin)₱265.00
1-piece Chicken Meal₱145.00
2-pc Chicken Meal₱250.00
Ala King Zinger Steak₱130.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Meal with Buttered Corn₱195.00
Extreme Spicy Chicken Box – served with Rice, Gravy Drink₱200.00

Fully Loaded Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Famous Bowl (1-pc chicken, Mushroom Soup, Steamed Rice, Drink)₱245.00
1 Chicken Pc with Mushroom Soup, Mashed Potato, Rice + Drink₱210.00
2 Chicken Pcs with Mushroom Soup, Mashed Potato & Rice + Drink₱290.00
Shots Fully Loaded Meal₱275.00
Chicken Chops Fully Loaded Meal ₱250.00
Extreme Spicy Chicken & Zinger Box ₱350.00
Extreme Spicy Zinger Box ₱310.00

Rice Bowls

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Sisig Rice Bowl₱140.00
Sisig Rice Bowl Meal₱195.00
Famous Bowl₱75.00
Famous Bowl Meal₱110.00
Ala King Rice Bowl Meal₱195.00

Ala Carte Rice Combo

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
1 piece Garlic Butter Ala Carte₱135.00
1 piece Garlic Butter Ala Carte (meal)₱180.00
1 piece Garlic Butter Ala Carte combo₱200.00
2 pieces Garlic Butter Ala Carte₱235.00
2 pieces Garlic Butter Ala Carte (meal)₱270.00
2 pieces Garlic Butter Ala Carte combo₱285.00
Chicken Chops Ala Carte₱80.00
Ala King Rice Bowl₱140.00
Ala King Zinger Steak Ala Carte (Butter Rice with Zinger)₱130.00
1-pc Chicken Ala Carte₱105.00
2-pc Chicken Ala Carte₱200.00
Rice with Soup + 1 chicken piece₱145.00
Rice with mashed Potato + 1 chicken piece₱145.00

Twister & Burgers

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Garlic Butter Twister Combo₱215.00
Garlic Butter Twister Ala Carte₱145.00
Garlic Butter Twister Fully Loaded meal₱315.00
Double Dasurv Meal ₱230.00
Double Dasurv Ala Carte₱165.00
Cheese Original Recipe Snacker – Exclusive
(Original Recipe Fillet + Lettuce + Dressing + Cheese between buns)
Cheese Original Recipe Snacker (Meal) – Exclusive
(Original Recipe Fillet + Lettuce + Dressing + Cheese between buns) + Drink
Cheese Original Recipe Snacker (Combo Meal) – Exclusive
(Original Recipe Fillet + Lettuce + Dressing + Cheese between buns) Fixin & Drink
Chicken Cheeseburger₱55.00
Chicken Cheese Burger Combo₱130.00
Chicken Burger with Cheese Combo₱160.00
Zinger Burger₱155.00
Zinger Combo₱215.00
Krispy Loaded Sandwich₱155.00
Krispy Loaded Sandwich Combo₱260.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker₱105.00
BBQ Bacon Snacker Combo₱160.00
California Maki Twister₱120.00
Twister Combo₱185.00
Gravy Burger ₱170.00
Gravy Burger Combo₱235.00

KFC Secret Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Krispy Tower Sandwich Ala Carte₱275.00
Krispy Tower Sandwich Combo₱325.00

KFC Breakfast Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Hash Browns₱45.00
A.M. Egg Pandesal₱80.00
A.M. Egg Pandesal Meal₱110.00
Ala Carte A.M. Flavorshots ₱115.00
A.M. Flavorshots Rice Bowl – Meal₱140.00
Ala Carte 1-pc Chicken ₱165.00
Ala Carte 1-pc Chicken Rice Meal₱190.00
Arroz Caldo Regular Size₱65.00
Arroz Caldo Combo Meal₱135.00
A.M. Steak Rice Bowl₱130.00
A.M. Steak Rice Combo Meal₱160.00
A.M. or Pandesal₱120.00
A.M. or Pandesal Combo₱160.00
A.M. Ham Pandesal₱100.00
A.M. Ham Pandesal Combo₱130.00
A.M. Cheese Hotdog Rice Bowl₱130.00
A.M. Cheese Hotdog Rice Combo Meal₱160.00

Super Platters

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Famous Bowl Super Platter₱290.00
Buttered Corn Super Platter₱265.00
Coleslaw Salad ₱295.00
Macaroni Salad₱295.00
Mashed Potato ₱265.00
Spaghetti Super Platter₱200.00

KFC Snacks Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
All time famous – 2023 Gamer Box ₱225.00
Crispy Strips with Rice₱95.00
Famous Bowl (KFC Favorite Snack)₱75.00
Flavor Shots Combo – with Regular Mashed Potato₱155.00
Chicken Chops Combo – with Rice, Mushroom Soup, Drink₱160.00
Shots Combo₱120.00
Regular Shots₱80.00
Large Shots₱130.00
Large Shots Combo₱175.00
Spaghetti Bowl₱65.00
Nuggets (4 pieces)₱135.00
4 pieces Nuggets with Spaghetti Snack Meal₱125.00
Original Recipe Nuggets – combo₱135.00

Sides & Fixins

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Crispy Fries₱60.00
Large Crispy Fries₱95.00
Junior Bucket of Fries₱130.00
Chicken Butter Rice₱45.00
Garlic Rice₱45.00
Extra Plain White Rice₱40.00
Macaroni Salad Super Platter₱290.00
Macaroni Bowl₱70.00
Large Macaroni₱95.00
Mashed Potato – Regular size₱60.00
Large Mashed Potato₱85.00
Buttered Corn₱60.00
Extra BBQ Sauce₱30.00
Cheese Sauce₱40.00
Tomato Sauce₱40.00
Garlic Sauce₱45.00
Garlic Butter Sauce₱50.00
Large Gravy₱40.00
Regular size Gravy₱30.00
Mushroom Soup₱60.00
Large Coleslaw₱95.00

Desserts & Drinks

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Brownie Box₱140.00
Unsweetened Ice Tea – Small size₱70.00
Unsweetened Ice Tea – Medium size₱80.00
Unsweetened Ice Tea – Large size₱85.00
Plain Sundae₱50.00
Chocolate Sundae₱50.00
Chocolate Sundae Junior₱35.00
Caramel Sundae₱50.00
Caramel Sundae Junior size₱35.00
Strawberry Sundae₱50.00
Strawberry Sundae Junior ₱35.00
Royal Orange₱75.00
Royal Float/Sprite Float/Coke ₱55.00
Iced Black Coffee – Medium size₱60.00
Creamy Iced Coffee – Medium size₱65.00

All above KFC menu prices are near to accurate, but its best to double check the rates while placing your meal order.

KFC Menu: Top 8 Best Menu Picks

The KFC menu has lots of tasty choices for its fans. When you visit, you won’t be disappointed by the delicious taste or the variety of options. There’s always something for everyone! Let’s explore the best sellers, irresistible crispy crunchy delights and sweet desserts on the menu with prices

1. KFC Bucket Meals

Closeup of large KFC bucket filled with Fried Chickens
Crunchy Crispy Experience!

The classic and everyone’s favorite bucket meal comes with crunchy, crispy fried chickens served in a bucket. The chicken is fresh and juicy from inside while crunchy and crispy on the outside.

You can choose the desired quantity of chicken pieces from various bucket sizes: 6, 8, 10, 15, or 20. You can also choose between the original flavor or hot n’ spicy chicken. A 6-piece bucket would cost 540 Pesos, and a 20 piece bucket would cost 1610 Pesos. Explore Jollibee menu featuring family bucket meals and delicious Filipino styled spaghetti, which is also a must try.

2. Twister Combo

Flavorful combination of chicken zinger in twister wrap with sauce, mayo on KFC menu
Yummy as it looks!

Enjoy the delectable twister with crunchy Chicken shots, fresh lettuce, Cucumber, Mango chunks along with Japanese mayonnaise. Enjoy the best seller for only 185 Pesos. Alternatively you may also try the California Maki Twister as a similar and delicious option for 120 Pesos. Visit Peri Peri menu for more variety of taste and delightful experience.

3. KFC Zinger Burger

spicy and crispy chicken burger served in soft bun with sesame seeds along with lettuce and mayo
Very Crunchy. Very Tasty!

The legendary burger is well known not only for its flavorful taste, but also for its size and crunchiness with every bite. It comes on sesame seed buns with fresh chicken filet, lettuce, mayonnaise, and pickle, the combo meal is for the price of 215 Pesos and if choose to go for just the solo zinger burger it would cost you PHP 155. Also explore Burger King menu featuring yummy flame grilled burgers and meals.

4. 2-pc Fully Loaded Meal

Delicious meal with rice, chicken, nuggets, soup, drink and mashed potato in a tray
Loaded with Taste!

Fresh out of the kitchen to your plate, this fully loaded meal is sure to make your tummy smile. It comes with 2 pieces of chicken along with rice, mushroom soup as a starter, mashed potato and a beverage. All this for the price of ₱210.

5. Krispy Loaded Sandwich Combo

loaded burger featuring cheese, crunchy patty, French fries, and a coca cola drink
Loaded with Crisp & Crunch

Savor the delicious Krispy loaded sandwich combo, which is a crispy chicken filet topped with lettuce & cheese along with the choice of your favorite bacon as chicken ham, visayas or mindanao wrapped with delicious sauce, crunchy fries, and a drink for ₱260. You could also visit the Wendy’s Menu & Prices for delicious burgers and sandwiches.

6. KFC Spaghetti

tasty pasta dish, cooked in a Filipino style with sweet sauce on top served in a bowl
Delicious as it seems!

Enjoy the plate of freshly cooked spaghetti made with sweet meaty sauce and topped with shredded cheese for only 65 Pesos.
Feeling extra hungry? Choose the “1-pc chicken spaghetti meal”, which comes with a piece of chicken, a bowl of spaghetti, and a drink of your choice priced for PHP 210. Planning a family treat? Visit SnR menu for wide range of Pasta dishes and cheesy pizzas.

7. Chicken Cheeseburger 

Mouthwatering sandwich from KFC menu in Philippines with tender chicken, pickles, cheese in fresh bun
Make it a Combo!

Indulge in delectable chicken burger featuring tender chicken, along with slice of cheese, fresh greens and a special sauce in between soft buns. Satisfy your cravings for just 55 Pesos. You could also upgrade to the meal which includes crispy fries and a drink prices for 130 Pesos. Don’t forget to explore the renowned McDonald’s (McDo) menu for mouthwatering burgers and the iconic Big Mac.

8. Sundae Ice cream

delightful desserts in transparent cup with strawberry, chocolate and caramel flavor on KFC menu
Enjoy your favorite flavor!

Try the famous French vanilla ice cream and customize with your choice of syrup from strawberry pulp, rich chocolate or sweet caramel and make it your own taste, for just ₱50 for regular size and ₱35 for small size. Also explore the Starbucks menu for wide variety delightful choices of Frappuccino’s and cold beverages.

KFC Bucket Meal – What’s Included?

KFC bucket meals are all about making memories and sharing food with your loved ones. KFC bucket comes with 6, 8, 15 & 20 pieces of chicken. But apart from that the bucket meal also comes as a combination with various other meal items. Let’s explore them below: 

  • Bucket Meal with Rice and Drinks- This “complete family meal” includes 6 pieces of chicken along with 3 rice bowls, 1 large gravy and 3 regular drinks for ₱680.
    The 8-piece bucket meal comes with 4 rice bowls, 1 large & 1 medium-sized gravy, and 4 unsweetened iced tea drinks for ₱865.  Explore Chowking menu for more selection of Rice and Chinese inspired Filipino food.
  • 10-pc Bucket Meal with 2 Fixin Platter – Includes 10 pieces of tender fried chicken pieces, along with 2 Platters of Fixins, yours to have for ₱1270.
  • Bucket Meal with Rice Fixins, Drinks and Brownies- Includes 6 pieces of tender KFC chicken pieces, 3 bowls of rice, 3 sides as fixins, 3 drinks, plus 3 brownies at just ₱680. The 8-piece bucket meal comes for 865 Pesos. 

KFC Fully Loaded Meals: Discover what’s Inside

Fully loaded meals are an all in one package that comes with a signature fried chicken piece, some delicious sides, and a refreshing drink. Some menu items also come with rice and mushroom soup. Let’s explore the options below.

  • Chicken chops fully loaded meal – The meal includes 1 piece of original recipe flavored crispy juicy chicken, a mushroom soup, fresh steamed rice, and a drink of your choice. It will definitely leave you wanting for more. 
  • Krispy loaded sandwich meal – Treat yourself with krispy loaded delight. Enjoy the soft, juicy sandwich with crunchy chicken in a sesame seed bun, along with an extra piece of chicken, a bowl of rice, a drink, and delicious KFC gravy.  
  • Famous Bowl Savor the bowl of delight. Try this fully loaded meal which comes with a deep fried chicken, creamy mushroom soup, steamy rice dish and a drink.
  • Shots fully loaded meal – It comes with a crispy chicken piece, mashed potato, mushroom soup, hotshot paired with steamy rice and a drink. Yours to have for PHP 275.

KFC Secret Menu Meal

Krispy Tower Sandwich Ala carte – This huge and delicious burger gives you a taste of both the worlds, a spicy chicken fillet is stacked on top of non-spicy fillet to please your taste buds. To make your experience even more satisfying it is served along with the gravy, fries, and a drink.

Cheezy Italian Sloppy Shots – Made with secret herbs & spices the shots and fries are served with special KFC sauce drizzled on top which you can pair with your favorite drink.

Cheezy Italian Bowl –  Comes with mashed potatoes with shots sprinkled with cheese and secret sauce along with a drink.

KFC Menu Prices: Dessert & Drinks Menu

This section of menu offers both iced coffee and iced black coffee, as well as many other options such as Sundae ice cream, Caramel Sundae, Strawberry Sundae, Coke Float, Unsweetened Iced Tea, regular soda drinks and brownies. Usually the regular size is served for ₱50 and junior size for ₱35.

Love donuts and sweet treats? Dunkin Donuts menu and J.Co menu should be on your watch list.

Fun fact – It’s a tradition to eat KFC in Japan during Christmas.

Ala Carte Signature Rice Meals

Chicken Chops Ala Carte: Steaming Rice served with chicken fillet along with special gravy so you can dip your chicken or pour it on the rice for flavorful and tasty bites. The rate of this delicious meal is only 80 Pesos. Explore Mang Inasal Menu offerings which include variety of tempting Fried Chicken, Barbecues and Filipino style delights.

Ala King Zinger Steak: Chicken butter rice served along with fillet that is decorated with ala king sauce. yours to have for 130 Pesos only. Tasty as it sounds.

Chicken Piece with Rice: Steamed Garlic rice comes along with the crunchy crispy chicken and gravy. It comes as a 1 chicken piece for ₱105 and 2 chicken pieces meal is served for PHP 200.

Rice Meals

Apart from famous delicious chicken the restaurant also offers Rice meals in its menu. Let’s explore some of the options available;

Sisig Rice Bowl: Steamed Rice served in a flavorful bowl topped with Mayo, leeks, boiled eggs along with pieces of chicken skin, enjoy it for PHP 140 and the meal which has a drink also for PHP 195.

Ala King Rice Bowl: Another great option to savor, Bowl of steamed rice with 2 fillets(original recipe flavor) drizzled with special creamy sauce and with buttered corns on side. Price of Solo rice bowl is PHP 140 and the meal for PHP 195.

Does KFC have Ala Carte Menu?

Yes, KFC menu also offers Ala Carte meals. The famous chicken can be matched with a fresh bowl of steamed or butter rice, the famous zinger fillet, or chicken chops with gravy. 
Moreover there’s also a separate section of Ala carte Snacks, where you can choose from the options like an Ala Carte sandwich, Italian Twister, Italian Pasta, a chicken burger with cheese super platter of Spaghetti, and a lot more. Prices range from 75 Pesos to 200 Pesos.

Delightful Snacks

Snacks don’t always have to be boring, KFC menu has delightful choices to savor.

Super Platter – The bowl of delicious crispy chicken costs ₱290 and comes with mashed potatoes, fun shots, gravy, and slices of cheese. It is also topped with corns and grated cheese along with a drink of your choice. Feeling extra hungry? Try the chicken chops combo which is served with rice, mushroom soup and a drink, for ₱160.

KFC Shots –  These are crunchy and crispy  bite sized boneless chicken that you can enjoy during your coffee break. It comes in regular and large sizes, and you can also get it with a drink as a combo. Price of combo shots is ₱120, regular sized solo shots for ₱80 and large for ₱130.

Delicious Gravy

Make your meal even more flavorful and tasty by pairing it with famous gravy.  It has a little salty, meaty, and cheesy flavor. You can dip your chicken or pour it on your sandwich or spaghetti to get the perfect flavor and combination to enjoy your meal. Take your feast to next level for only extra ₱30. 

KFC Party Packages

Here, you can choose and tell your budget to the staff for per head and they would suggest you accordingly. Food packages information are mentioned in below table.

Nuggets 1-pc Chicken1-pc Fully Loaded Meal2-pc Fully Loaded Meal
SpaghettiSpaghetti ShotsShots
SundaeSundaeSundae Sundae
Regular Drink Regular Drink

KFC Zinger Burger VS Jollibee Yumburger

Let’s compare the two famous and delicious burgers below; checkout complete comparison of KFC and Jollibee menu.

DescriptionZinger (Solo)Yum Burger (solo)
Size4.5 inches4 inches
Patty Crispy Fried ChickenSingle Beef Patty
BunSesame Seed BunSesame Seed Bun
ToppingsLettuce, Colonel Mayonnaise, Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese
Price₱ 155.00₱ 175.00

KFC Delivery 

You can order your food easily through any of the following options. 

Call: Place your order by calling either of these numbers: #8887-8888 or #887-8888
Website: Visit www.kfc.com.ph and easily place your order online. (₱49 apply as delivery fee).
Third Party App: You can also order your meal through Grab Food which is a third party delivery service.
Order Tracking: Once you’ve placed your order through their website you may track it here.

Fun fact – Image of Colonel Sanders is most recognizable element of KFC logo.

Opening Hours

Some branches are open 24 hours a day, while others are only open until 9 or 10 p.m, which varies based on the store’s location. You can use their store locator to check the operating hours of the specific outlet you plan to visit. You can also filter the outlets by whether they are open 24 hours a day or whether if they have a drive-through facility for that location.

Social Media Handles

You can stay updated by following their official social media accounts.

If you’re interested to apply for a job at fast food joint, you can do so at their official website.

History of Fast Food Chain

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was founded by Colonel Sanders in 1930 at his age of forty years. Fast Food chains humble beginning started from a roadside motel in Corbin, Kentucky. The secret 11 herbs and spices were invented in 1950. Within 10 years, by 1960, KFC had grown and become a popular food chain, with 600 branches in Canada and the United States. The fast food restaurant’s tagline is “It’s finger lickin good”.

Fun fact – the founder Colonel Sanders served on army, but wasn’t really a colonel.

Beginning in Philippines 

In 1966, the fast food restaurant expanded to the Philippines where it quickly became popular among Filipinos for its authentic taste of food. It received such a great response that the restaurant opened its 100th branch in 1999. Fast food brand now operates in more than 145 countries with over 25,000 locations. 

To learn more about the famous fast food chain you may visit here.

Ordering Meals from KFC Menu – Visual Tour

YouTube video


You could choose the Extreme chicken spicy zinger box, Extreme bucket of 3 or 4, or a spicy zinger box.

Any Burger, sandwich or Twister would come within this budget except the Zinger combo and Krispy loaded sandwich combo meal.

You can choose from the following:
Coca Cola, Sprite, Coke zero sugar.

Yes, some branches have drive thru facility for their customers. You can check here

KFC Philippines Claims that the sauces or sides do not contain Pork or Pork derivatives.

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