S&R Pizza Menu Prices in Philippines (Full Menu)

closeup of delicious pizza. Updated S&R menu pricelist and menu items

S&R Pizza is famous for its mouthwatering pizzas, southern styled fried chicken and delicious chicken wings. S&R menu is famously known for its Combo & Garlic Shrimp Pizza, Gourmet & Classic pizzas, All Meat Pizza Deli, Pepperoni Pizza, cheese pizza which are must try for all pizza lovers. They also serve beverages and Salisbury steak to satisfy the cravings.

Checkout the updated S&R menu prices below.

Gourmet Pizza | Classic Pizza | 2 in 1 Pizza | Southern Style Fried Chicken | Chicken Wings | Sandwiches | Steak | Rotisserie Chicken | Pasta | Starters | Ready to Eat | Extras | Milk Tea

Gourmet Pizza

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Tropical Hawaiian Pizza (18 Inches)₱769.00
Cream Cheese Pepperoni Pizza (18 Inches)₱769.00
18″ Burger Deluxe with Extra Cheese₱769.00
18″ All Meat Pizza Deli₱769.00

Classic Pizza

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
S&R Combo Pizza (18 Inch)₱691.00
S&R Garlic and Shrimp Pizza (18 Inch)₱691.00
S&R Pepperoni Pizza (18 Inches)₱626.00
S&R Cheese Pizza (18 Inches)₱691.00

Two in One Pizza

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Garlic Shrimp & Cheese Pizza Flavor₱747.00
Combo and Cheese Pizza₱747.00
Garlic Shrimp & Pepperoni ₱747.00
Combo & Pepperoni ₱747.00
Combo & Garlic Shrimp₱747.00
Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza₱747.00
All Above Pizza’s are 18 Inches size

Southern Style Fried Chicken

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Southern Styled Fried Chicken – 6 pieces ₱484.00
10 pieces – Southern Styled Fried Chicken₱736.00
2-pc chicken with Rice meal₱184.00

Chicken Wings

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings (12 pieces)₱419.00
6 pieces – Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings ₱229.00
Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings (12 pieces)₱419.00
6 pieces – Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings₱229.00

Burger & Sandwiches

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
California Wraps₱196.00
California Rolls₱217.00
Assorted Wraps₱250.00
Chicken Barbecue Wraps₱173.00
Spicy Tuna Wraps ₱173.00
Philly Cheese Steak Wraps₱206.00
Rotisserie Chicken & Ham₱138.00
Rotisserie Chicken pesto Sandwich₱138.00
Chicken Cranberry Walnut sandwich₱217.00
Spicy Tuna Roll₱140.00
Roasted Beef sandwich in long bun₱217.00
Hotdog sandwich with Bacon & Cheese₱195.00
Quarter Pound Burger₱161.00
Double Quarter Pound Burger (Extra Cheese)₱207.00
All Beef Hotdog sandwich in bun₱148.00
Chicken Baked Roll with Bacon₱164.00
Chicken Sandwich with Bacon (spicy)₱165.00
S&R Chicken Sandwich with Bacon (Regular flavor)₱145.00

New York Salisbury Steak

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
SnR All Beff New York Salisbury Steak₱109.00

Rotisserie Chicken

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Rotisserie Chicken with Rice₱160.00
Whole Rotisserie Chicken₱345.00

S&R Pasta Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
SnR Scampi Pasta₱296.00
SnR All Meat Pasta₱296.00
SnR Chicken Pesto Pasta₱296.00

SnR Deli Corner

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Belgian Chocolate Puff with cream₱72.00
4 pieces-Belgian Chocolate Puff with cream₱262.00
Vanilla cream puff₱68.00
Vanilla cream puff (4 pieces in a box)₱237.00
Blueberry cheese Cronut₱99.00
6 pieces – Blueberry Cheese Cronut₱545.00
Chocolate Glazed Donut₱99.00
6 pcs – Chocolate Glazed Donut₱545.00
Raspberry Vanilla Cronut₱99.00
6 pieces – Raspberry Vanilla Cronut₱545.00
Vanilla Cream Cronut₱99.00
Vanilla Cream cronuts (6 pieces in a box)₱545.00
Vanilla Marble Ring Cake₱349.00
Blueberry Marble Ring Cake₱349.00
Assorted Muffins₱310.00
Tiramisu Flavor Cake₱799.00
Chocolate Cake (Round Shape)₱799.00
Cinnamon Rolls – per piece₱63.00
4 pieces – Cinnamon Rolls₱177.00
Cream Cheese Garlic Bread₱65.00
4 pieces – Cream Cheese Garlic Bread₱228.00
Cheesecake (New York style)₱171.00
Pork Floss₱64.00


Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Chicken Caeasar Salad with Bacon & Parmesan Cheese₱230.00
French Fries₱84.00
Clam Chowder₱160.00
Savory Fries with Nacho Cheese & BBQ Sauce₱156.00

Ready to Eat

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Bulgogi Sushi₱175.00
Sushi Platter₱1200.00
Mango Chia Granola₱137.00
Kiwi Chia Granola₱137.00
kani Mango Salad₱147.00
Chicken Asian Slaw Salad₱147.00
Chicken Pesto Salad₱148.00
pomelo Shrimp Salad₱178.00
Tuna Sashimi₱278.00
Peeled Pomelo₱298.00
Ebi Tempura Maki₱198.00
Rainbow Furomaki₱252.00
Tuna Tataki Temaki₱242.00
Salmon Sashimi₱388.00

Sides & Extras

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Extra SnR Plain Rice₱28.00
S&R Gravy₱10.00
S&R Honey Mustard Dressing₱40.00

Milk Tea Beverage

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Wintermelon Salted Cream Boba Milk Tea₱119.00
Salted Dark Chocolate Cream Milk Tea₱119.00
Classic Brown Sugar Flavor₱119.00
Cheesecake (New York style)₱171.00

Regular Drinks (600ml)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
7Up (600 ml)₱69.00
Mountain Dew ₱69.00

Drinks (2 Litter)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Dew ₱131.00

All above S&R menu prices are near to accurate. But its advised to check from your local store before placing order.

S&R Menu: 5 Must Try Items

1. SnR Combo Pizza

S&R menu prices: delicious combo pizza from the menu
Delicious combo pizza

Indulge in the tasty 18-inch combo pizza – It’s called combo because it’s literally loaded with everything. It has a crispy crust covered in mozzarella cheese, pork pepperoni, Italian pork bits, black olives, roasted white onions, and slices of green bell peppers, all wrapped up in a soft bread crust. Yours to have for PHP 692, and for an extra ₱125, you may order the crust filled with cheese. Explore Angels menu prices for delightful and affordable pizza choices.

2. All Meat Pizza Deli

Delicious all meat pizza for price of 769 Pesos
Satisfy your cravings

This New York pizza is a meat lover’s delight. This special pizza has got yummy bacon, pork Italian crumbles, salami, forest ham and topped with mozzarella cheese. It comes in an 18-inch size, and you can choose how many slices you want: 6, 8, 12, or 16. Enjoy the S&R best seller for just 769 Pesos. Explore Greenwich menu for more delicious pizza varieties.

3. Cheese & Pepperoni Combo

2 in 1 pizza from snr menu. Half cheese and half pepperoni flavored pizza
Combo pizza on S&R menu

Enjoy the two in one pizza, which has a cheese flavor on one side which is hard to resist and pepperoni pizza slices on the other, adding a meaty flavorful twist to every bite. It’s a great choice since pepperoni is one of the most popular pizza toppings. Share with your loved ones for 747 Pesos. 

4. Cheesy Burger Deluxe

closeup of burger deluxe pizza for pizza and burger loving people.
Very Tasty

Enjoy the juicy taste of a burger but on a pizza topped with beef burger patty. It tastes like a burger but is served in a different way, as a delicious pizza. With each bite you’ll experience a rich creamy cheese and a crispy bread  topped with onion rings, beef burger patty, some pickles, bacon, mozzarella cheese, and cheddar cheese. This 18-inch pizza will cost you 769 Pesos.

5. Double Cheesy Quarter Pound Burger

quarter pounder burger with 1/4lb weight. beef patties in sesame seed buns

This is for all those who crave and love burgers. Indulge in the taste of 2 patties of 1/4 lb paired with cheese topped with lettuce, tomatoes, in sesame seed buns. It comes for PHP 207 and the single patty costs 161 Pesos.

Classic Pizza Flavors

Let’s explore the delicious flavors of Classic Pizzas from S&R Menu. They are served in 18 inch size, and you could choose to have 6, 8, 12 or 16 slices of your pizza. Flavors included are:

Gourmet Pizza Flavors

Let’s discover the yummy Gourmet pizza flavors from the menu. These too are served in 18 inches of pizza size. Flavors included for you to choose are:

Two in One Pizza

This magical pizza is literally the best of both worlds. It includes two flavors in one pizza. The one half has one yummy flavor, and the other half has a whole different taste and flavor. You can choose your favorite combination of taste from the menu while you order this special pizza.

Southern Style Fried Chicken

Enjoy the tender crispy and juicy fried chicken! Get 2 pieces of fried chicken with rice for ₱184, for sharing with your loved ones you could order a 10 piece bucket for 736 Pesos or 6 piece for just PHP 484. Also visit Jollibee menu guide and KFC menu pricing for more selection of chicken and family bucket meals.

Chicken Wings and S&R Menu prices

Honey Sriracha(Honey Flavor) – Enjoy the tasty fried chicken flavored with honey, onion, pepper with sriracha sauce. Treat yourself for ₱229 for 6 pieces and 419 Pesos for 12 pieces of chicken wings. Craving Chicken BBQ? Explore Mang Inasal menu and prices.
Parmesan Chicken Wings(Garlic) Savor the fried crunchy chicken pieces in butter with parmesan cheese and topped with garlic for a twist of taste. Yours to have for PHP 229 for 6 pieces and 12 pieces for ₱419. Explore Kenny Rogers menu prices for roasted chicken, pasta dishes and pizzas.

Pasta Menu

Craving for something delicious as a snack but not too heavy? Try the Pasta from S&R menu. You may opt for All meat pasta which is topped with Italian crumbles and mozzarella cheese. As an alternative you could also go for scampi pasta which comes with shrimps, basil, oregano, and chili flakes. If you are a huge chicken lover, you could just get the Chicken pesto pasta which is topped with chicken breast sliced pieces and drizzled with a creamy pesto sauce that will satisfy your taste buds, All the mentioned Pasta flavors are served for same price of ₱296.

Burgers & Sandwiches

Let’s explore the burgers and sandwiches served on SnR menu. 

Spicy Chicken Sandwich with Bacon – This tasty sandwich is made with fillet (chicken), bacon, onion, special sauces, and hot dressing on top of a bun. Enjoy it for 165 Pesos for large size and the regular sized for just ₱145. Visit McDo menu specials for more choices.

Chicken and Bacon Roll – Enjoy the filling meal of chicken and bacon in a roll that is crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside as you bite. Chicken is paired along with bacon, mozzarella and parmesan as cheese and served with ranch as an additional sauce so you can dip and enjoy every bite for a satisfying experience. Priced at ₱164. Craving for sweet treat? Visit Dunkin menu prices for delicious donuts and bunwiches.

Hotdog sandwich with Bacon – hotdog is packed in a bun along with mozzarella cheese and bacon strips. Enjoy it for just 195 Pesos. You could also add on Savory Fries for extra ₱156 to make your meal more delicious.

Quarter Pounder – Similar to what you’d find at McDonald’s, this quarter-pounder beef burger is freshly prepared and served in a sesame seed bun with onions, lettuce, and tomato. Explore Burger King menu for flame grilled burger experience.

S&R Beverages

You may also find delicious options of beverages like salted cream dark chocolate and wintermelon salted cream boba milk tea for ₱119. Visit Updated J.Co menu and Starbucks menu offerings for more refreshing choices of Frappuccinos and cold beverages.

S&R Pizza Delivery

You could order your favorite meal through their website or by calling their hotline number at #8866-1333. Alternatively you could also order through Grab food or food panda delivery services.

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