Big Brew Menu Prices in Philippines (Updated Menu)

Big Brew menu prices: coffee in background with milk pouring from top

Big Brew is a famous coffee brand that serves delightful Espresso drinks, Macchiatos, Fruit & Milk Teas, delightful Frappuccino, Iced Coffee and Prafs and locally inspired coffee taste.

Discover the updated Big Brew menu prices from below.

Milk Tea | Iced Coffee | Hot Brew | Fruit Tea | Strawberry Beverages | Praf | Premium Drinks | Sandwiches & Snacks

Milk Tea Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Cheese Cake Beverage₱39.00
Choco Kisses Milk Tea₱39.00
Big Brew Matcha ₱39.00
Cookies and Cream Flavored₱39.00
Dark Chocolate₱39.00
Regular Chocolate₱39.00
Winter melon₱39.00
Salted Caramel₱39.00
Red Velvet ₱39.00
Double Dutch₱39.00
All above Milk Tea Items are without Pearl

Big Brew Iced Coffee

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Big Brew Kape Fudge₱39.00
Kape Matcha Cold Coffee₱39.00
Kape Macchiato₱39.00
Kape Moca₱39.00
Kape Brusko₱39.00
Kape Vanilla Flavor ₱39.00
Kape Caramel Iced Coffee₱39.00
All above Iced Coffee’s are without Puff

Hot Brew

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Hot Moca₱49.00
Hot Brusko₱49.00
Hot Choco₱49.00
Hot Matcha₱49.00
Hot Caramel₱49.00

Fruit Tea

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Kiwi Flavored Fruit Tea₱39.00
Blueberry Flavored Tea₱39.00
Passion Fruit Tea₱39.00
Honey Peach ₱39.00
Watermelon Fruit Tea₱39.00
Mango Flavored Fruit Tea₱39.00
Green Apple Flavor₱39.00

Strawberry Flavored Beverages

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Strawberry Milk Tea – 22oz₱39.00
Chcoberry Milk Tea – Grande 22oz₱55.00
Strawberry Fruit Tea (Grande size – 22oz)₱39.00

Praf (Whipped Cream)

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Melon Dew₱69.00
Creamy Avocado Praf Cream₱69.00
Praf Taro with Whipped Cream₱69.00
Praf Cheesecake₱69.00
Praf Strawberry₱69.00
Praf Moca – 16oz (Medio size)₱69.00
Praf Matcha₱69.00
Praf Caramel Macchiato 16 oz (Medio)₱69.00
Praf Coffee Jelly -16 oz (Medium)₱69.00
Praf Chocolate₱69.00
Chocolate Hazelnut₱69.00
Praf Vanilla ₱69.00
Strawberry Praf Cream₱69.00
Chocolate Cream Praf₱69.00
Java Chip₱69.00

Premium Drinks

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Boss Brew – Grande 22oz₱90.00
KMJS – Grande (22oz serving)₱90.00
Kara Van – Grande size₱95.00
Blank Pink- Grande size (22oz)₱90.00
Big Brew Super Choco ₱70.00
Supreme Moca₱77.00
Cutie Drink₱73.00

Sandwiches & Snacks Menu

Item DescriptionPrice(PHP)
Footlong Hotdog Sandwich₱75.00
Cheesy Burger (buy 1 get 1 free)₱59.00
Beef Burger (buy 1 get 1 free)₱59.00
Cheesy Hotdog Sandwich (buy 1 get 1 free)₱59.00
Cheesy Hungarian₱89.00
Egg Sandwich₱35.00
French Fries₱59.00

All above Big Brew menu prices should be correct, but its advised to verify from you local store or check before placing your order.

Big Brew Menu Best Sellers

1. Cookies & Cream Milk Tea

Delicious milk tea in transparent mug with Oreo cookies from Big Brew menu
Delicious & Crunchy!

Indulge in the delicious Cookies & Cream flavored milk tea from Big Brew menu. It is made with vanilla syrup and creamy milk as a base, and real Oreo pieces are added for extra flavor and chocolatey, crunchy experience. Enjoy the tasty treat if you love milk tea and Oreos priced for just 39 Pesos.

2. Winter Melon Milk Tea

Delightful Winter melon milk tea for price of 39 Pesos
Winter bliss!

Enjoy the soothing and refreshing milk tea from Big Brew menu made from black tea and winter melon syrup. The winter melon syrup adds a sweet and floral taste and aroma for delightful experience. Yours to have for 39 Pesos. You could also try the Tim Hortons menu as an alternate.

3. Kape Vanilla Iced Coffee

Big Brew's delightful Vanilla flavored Iced Coffee with coffee beans decorated at front
Iced Vanilla Bliss!

Enjoy the deliciousness of Big Brew’s Vanilla Iced Coffee made with strong coffee brewed and poured over ice with sweet vanilla syrup for creamy and decadent vanilla flavor. Enjoy the best seller for P39 or Kape Matcha for PHP 42, which is blended with Green Tea.

Explore Starbucks menu pricelist for wide variety of Frappuccinos & Coffee choices.

4. Lychee Fruit Tea

Lychee Fruit tea from the menu with pink color texture
Lychee Delight!

This sweet drink brings you the delicious tropical goodness of lychee fruit blended with delicate tea. Every sip is of sweet lychee fruit turned into delightful fruity tea. Enjoy it for 39 Filipino Pesos.

It also comes in other flavors: Passion Fruit, Honey Peach, Watermelon, Lemon, and blueberry. Also explore J.Co menu for more delightful drinks & Beverages and donuts.

5. Hot Brusko Coffee

Closeup of Hot brusko coffee in illustrative beige and brown color with coffee beans at the sides
Warm Brew

Warm yourself up with Hot cup of Brusko coffee from Big Brew menu. The bold coffee is made by blending espresso, steamed milk, and velvety chocolate sauce for rich and strong flavor. Indulge in this chocolate infused coffee for a delightful treat for P49. Explore Dunkin Donuts menu for wide selection of coffee’s and delightful sweet donuts to satisfy your cravings. Also checkout Common Man Coffee Roasters menu, which has recently launched its first store in the Philippines.

Big Brew Sandwiches Menu

This section of menu serves tasty sandwiches and snacks, including 1 foot long Hotdog sandwich, Beef Burger, Cheese Burger, Egg sandwich, and sides like French fries. If you’re craving more sandwich options and meals, consider exploring KFC menu with pricelist or McDonald’s menu. And if you prefer local taste from a fast food chain visit Jollibee menu with delicious variety of family and solo meals and sandwiches.

Online Delivery

With just a few taps on your phone you could easily order your favorite coffee or cold beverage using Food Panda or Grab Food which are third party services. However ordering would require minimum order value of P119.

Social Media Pages

You could follow them on their social media handles to share your feedbacks with their team and stay updated with their new offerings:

History of Coffee Chain

Big Brew is a popular Filipino Coffee chain that originated from Manila in year 2008. It was founded by group of coffee enthusiasts who wanted to serve high quality coffee choices and cold beverages.

Since the past 15 years, Big Brew has grown to over 150 branches nationwide, and focusses on sourcing premium coffee beans and employing highly trained baristas. The coffee brand is highly loved by Filipinos for its ambiance and customer experience it offers.

Ordering Big Brew Menu – Vlog

YouTube video


Most of the drinks you could order for P39, which include Milk Tea, Iced Coffee and Fruit teas.

Usually its during the evenings, but you could easily order since they have more than baristas and counters at every store

Yes, you could inform the staff taking your order and they will customize the drink to your liking.

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