Jollibee vs KFC Philippines: Comparison

Comparison between Jollibee and KFC

Jollibee and KFC are often the two names that come to mind for delicious fried chicken meals. These two fast food franchises serve delicious and mouth watering meals that have captured the hearts and taste buds of many. 
In this article we’ll focus on the comparison of Jollibee and KFC. We’ll explore their origins, famous dishes, and common food items between the two well known restaurants.

Start of Jollibee

Jollibee is a famous Filipino fast food chain which originated in the Philippines. It was founded in 1975 by Tony Tan Cakitong which is a famous and most popular restaurant known for Filipino styled menu, including jolly spaghetti and chicken joy fried chicken.
Today it has become a global sensation and spread its popularity to more than 17 countries. Checkout complete updated Jollibee menu pricelist.

Start of KFC

KFC is a global American brand which was founded by Colonel Harland Sanders in the year 1930, which has today spread its presence to more than 145 countries worldwide. It is famous for its signature fried chicken, and has a more traditional American fast-food menu. Explore the complete KFC menu and prices.

Jollibee Menu Offerings

Jollibee menu features a mix of Filipino and Western inspired items.  In addition to fried chicken it has unique offerings like Spaghetti, Palabok, Rice meals, desserts and much more. 

Let’s explore more in details:

  • Signature dishes: chic enjoy is the most famous and popular offering in the menu. 4 pc family box comes for PHP 359 and 8 piece bucket meal of for 604 Pesos.
  • Side dishes: In this section of the menu you may find delicious options of Gravy(₱12), Plain White Rice(₱35), Crispy Fries(₱55) & Macaroni soup(₱80).
  • Desserts: To end your meal with tasty desserts you have the option to choose for Peach Mango Pie(₱52), or 3 pieces pies to go for PHP 151 or 6 pieces for 285 Pesos.
  • Beverages: Enjoy your meal with a variety of beverages offered by Jollibee, you could opt for Vanilla or Chocolate cone twirl, Chocolate sundae, coke float or traditional Sarsi or the Royal float.
  • Kids meal; This part of the menu is dedicated to children’s favorites which includes options of chicken joy, spaghetti meal and burger steak meal. 
  • Breakfast: Good thing is apart from meals throughout the day, you could also choose to have breakfast meal, which is a dedicated part of the menu, with specialties like cheese pancake sandwich with bacon, hotdog with drink, longganissa, and much more in this section of menu. For delicious morning start, explore the McDonald’s breakfast menu as well.

KFC Menu Offerings

KFC is primarily known for its fried chicken which is available in original flavor and hot n spicy chicken meal options. The menu also includes mashed potatoes, coleslaw and beverages as sides and extras. 

  • Signature dishes: KFC is most popular for its fried chicken and bucket meals, which is a great option for sharing meals with family or friends.
  • Side dishes: You would have many options to choose as sides or extras from KFC menu to enjoy your meal, such as; crispy fries, plain or steamed rice, macaroni, buttered corn bowl, soup, shots, fixins and coleslaw.
  • Desserts & Beverages: End your meal with a smile and a yummy dessert like a cookie, strawberry treat, or chocolate sundae.
  • Fully loaded meals: you can savor the taste of a complete meal which includes mushroom soup, steamed rice, drink and the option you would select from: Fully loaded chicken chops meal, famous bowl, shots, or the crispy sandwich meal. 

Flavors & Seasonings

Jollibee has a strong presence in the Philippines which is widely loved and popular among Filipinos, it has a unique taste of slightly sweet which makes it unique from that of western styled fried chicken. 
KFC is famous for its 11 herbs n spices flavor “original recipe” fried chicken, which is seasoned with a blend of 11 herbs and spices.  

Jollibee Chicken joy Vs KFC Fried Chicken

DescriptionChicken JoyFried Chicken
Size6-pc chicken joy bucket6-pc chicken bucket
FlavorsOriginal / Spicy, Half original or Half SpicyOriginal and Hot n’ Spicy
PricePHP 494.00PHP 540.00

Menu Items in common

KFC and Jollibee menus often share common food items, including:

French Fries: both chains offer hot and crispy delicious French fries as a popular side, to complement the taste of the meal. 

Sundae beverage: you can find this option in both the menus to accompany your food, with different sizes and flavors. 

Burger and sandwiches:  both restaurants have their own variations of burgers and sandwiches, you may find options like cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches with distinct taste and flavor. 

Hot dogs: You could also make sausages as part of your meal at either of these chains.

Gravy: What’s better than a tasty dipping sauce to enhance your meal, right? You can choose to include gravy as part of your order for delightful experience. 

Spaghetti: This also is indeed a common food item. Jollibee’s pasta dish is known for its sweet profile while for KFC it is more like a western taste with tomato sauce. 

Delivery Options

You can order your favorite food from both the restaurants, using their app, foodpanda or through call. 

KFC Website: order here OR call them at #887-8888
Jollibee Website: order here OR call them at #87000

Global Presence

Jollibee has a strong presence in the Philippines and has expanded to other countries especially Southeast Asia and the Middle East, it has also expanded to America and Europe in recent years. 

KFC is one of the most globally recognized fast food brands. It has a widespread presence and outlets in numerous countries worldwide.

Final Verdict

In summary both the franchises offer great taste, atmosphere and experience, your preference for one over other may depend on your personal taste or preference. Jollibee seems to be more economical on pricing while KFC would be a little on the higher end in terms of pricing.


KFC offers a larger menu with more options when it comes to the number of items.

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