Jollibee vs McDonald’s: Comparison

comparison of famous fast food chains, Jollibee and McDonalds

When it comes to the world of crispy fried chicken, it’s Jollibee that comes to mind. And if you’re craving delicious burgers to satisfy your taste buds, McDonald’s never fails to satisfy the hunger.
Let’s delve into a comparison between Jollibee and McDonalds.

Origin of Jollibee

In 1978, Tony Tan Cakitong founded the renowned fast food restaurant along with his family in the Philippines called “Jollibee”. Thus Its menu items have vibrant flavors of Filipino cuisine. Discover complete delicious Jollibee menu.

Origin of McDonalds

Mcdonalds is an American fast-food chain that was founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940 in California. It is one of the most popular global fast food chains. Explore the updated McDonalds menu.



Jollibee offers many meal options in its menu for every moment, whether you are looking for a breakfast meal, delicious burgers, spaghetti or pastas, Jollibee has you covered. Let’s dig deeper.

Signature meal: Chickenjoy and Yum burger are considered as signature meals. Chicken joy is a crispy fried chicken with brown skin, while Yum burger is a delicious choice of burger with beef patty served with special sauces on a soft bun. You can have the solo burger for ₱44 and meal for ₱121.

Family meals: Enjoy the bucket of fried chicken along with your family which comes in different sizes of 4, 6, 8 chicken joy pieces. KFC menu offers a wide range of options, from delicious fried chicken to satisfying family meals. You won’t be disappointed!

Kiddie meal: This delicious meal features options like chicken joy, jolly spaghetti accompanied by a toy for extra excitement.

Super meals: Enjoy the huge combo that includes 1 piece of Chicken joy with Spaghetti and burger steak. Alternatively you would also have the option to choose yum burger along with spaghetti, regular fries with drink.

Side dishes: you have the option to choose between mashed potatoes, gravy, soup, butter rice or French fries with your meal to make things tastier. 

Dessert: Try the Peach Mango Pie or Chocolate Sundae Twirl for a tasty sweet experience.


McDo menu is most famous for its signature burgers, like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder. They offer a variety of meal options, which typically include the crispy fries and range of beverages. Let’s explore more in detail.

Big Mac Meal:  Enjoy the delicious iconic burger known for the delicious taste of two beef patties, with some special sauces, lettuce, cheese, onions and pickles. Enjoy the delicious burger experiences with crispy French fries and drink as a meal for just PHP 273(medium meal size).

Quarter Pounder: This is the next most famous menu item at McDonalds with a quarter-pound beef patty below pickle, cheese, lettuce and onions on a sesame seeds bun. Savor the taste and flavor of the meal for just 292 Pesos.

Breakfast meal: Enjoy the breakfast meal from several options available. Whether you want to start your day with Rice meals or Egg Mcmuffin, saussage platter or hotcakes, this section of menu has you covered. Prices range from PHP 80 to PHP 120.

Group Meal: you can also share your food along with your loved ones and create great memories. You can choose the 3 McShare bundle which includes the 6 pieces of Fried Chicken, 3 Rice bowls, BFF Fries & drinks.  Alternatively you may also choose the Snack burger McShare box or 10 piece chicken nuggets. 

Beverages: Enjoy the McFlurry with Oreo cookies or Hot Caramel Sundae to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also enjoy a selection of many other choices, from soft drinks to coffee.

Global Presence

While the fast food chain has expanded internationally, it primarily has a strong presence in the Philippines and Filipino community around the globe.Mcdonalds is one of the most global fast food chains, with thousands of locations in over 100 countries. It has a broad international presence and exposure.


Jollibee has a strong emphasis on family oriented branding. Their mascot is a cheerful bee which is a beloved symbol in the Philippines. 

While McDonalds is known for its globally recognized branding where they focus more on universal and standardized brand image to penetrate into the local taste and communities.

Taste & Flavor

Jollibee: The Restaurant often features sweeter savory flavored menu meals, which reflects Filipino taste. Jolly spaghetti, for instance, is sweet and the chicken joy on other hand is savory fried chicken.
McDonalds: McDonald’s offers more standardized taste that caters to a wider audience around the world. Their menu is characterized by familiarity and consistency among all food lovers.

Yumburger Vs Big Mac

DescriptionYum BurgerBig Mac
BunPlain BunSesame Seed Bun
FillingBeef patty, lettuce, dressing, tomato, cheese, mustard sauce.Beef Patty, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickles, mayo, special sauce.
Price – solo burger₱44.00₱179.00
Price – Meal₱121.00₱273.00

Food Items in common

Both Jollibee and McDonald’s offer a range of menu items that are common among both the fast-food restaurants. These include classic options such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, French fries, soft drinks, and a variety of desserts like sundaes and pies. While each restaurant has its unique flavor and specialties, these common menu items cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, making them beloved choices of all food enthusiasts.

Food Delivery Options

You have a variety of options to order your favorite food from respective fast food brands, including Grabfood, their official website, or toll-free numbers.

Toll Free Number#870008888-6236

Food Certifications

Both McDonald’s and Jollibee prioritize food safety and maintain stringent standards. They hold recognized certifications including FSSC, SQF, and ISO 22000. To learn more about Jollibee, you may check here.

Similarly for McDonalds you could read here.

Final Verdict

In summary both the franchises offer great taste, atmosphere and food experience, your preference for one over other may depend on your personal taste or choice. Jollibee seems to be more economical on pricing while McDonalds is considered to be comparatively expensive.

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