McDonalds & Crocs Join Forces for a Limited Edition Collection

new release of mcdonaldsxcrocs footwear

Fast food giant McDonalds(McDo) and foot wear brand Crocs have teamed up together to to bring something unique and special for their audience. While McDonald’s is famous for its world famous burger and fries, crocs is known for making comfortable foot wear. As much as it sounds surprising its definitely interesting!

Inspired by McDo’s Famous Characters

This unique collection draws inspiration from 3 McDonalds characters: Grimace, Hamburglar, and Birdie. Get ready to see these famous characters on footwears everywhere, adding touch of McDo’s charm. Craving for Mc Meals? Visit the updated McDonald’s menu pricelist.

Mark your Calendar: Launch Date – 19th November, 2023

Save the date! the limited edition collection of crocs is set to launch on November 19th. its an exciting collaboration that brings the world of famous burger giant and footwear together in a way that nobody expected. At least not right now!

how much would these crocs cost?

Glad you asked! Let’s look at the prices below.

Exciting Giveaway

Avail your chance to win the upcoming crocs or pack of Jibbitz by simply registering at their official app.

Catch the Hype on Social Media.

If you have not already, then you should probably see the feedbacks, and what people have been talking about lately. Some are “lovin’ it” while some are still trying to digest it. check here.

models featured for new launch of mcdonalds and crocs footwear collection
comfy as it looks!

Trend of the Future?

Maybe yes. It’s not just about shoes, but breaking barriers and trying something new. People always enjoy that, and this is what could get a good response from its customers too. So, would you be the one purchasing it? Let us know in comments below.

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