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Types of coffee drinks: image of 6 different types of coffee flavors

When it comes to coffee, there are lots of delectable kinds of coffee choices whether you drink occasionally or all the time. There is a coffee treat for every taste, from simple espressos to variety of indulgent options. However with so many coffee kinds and the delightful flavors on the menu it can feel over whelming to try new drinks.

This guide breaks down 20 of the most popular coffee types in easy to understand terms so you could understand and choose your favorite coffee next time.

Latte coffee - delightful choice to enjoy.


Latte coffee is made with a shot of espresso poured into steamed milk and topped with layer of frothed milk. It has milder taste than other drinks while still providing a nice caffeine kick. Latte is considered one of the most popular coffee drink worldwide and comes in various flavors like cinnamon, chocolate and many more.

Americano coffee in a cup with coffee beans on wooden table


Americano coffee is made by diluting an espresso shot with hot water. It has a black texture and maintains coffee’s strength but in a larger volume. It comes as 1/2 espresso ratio to 1/2 water or 1/3 espresso to 2/3 water, depending on what brewing style you order your coffee.

Delightful black coffee with dark texture in white mug

Black Coffee

Black coffee is simply ground beans mixed in hot water. It’s also referred as café noir. No sugars, no milk whatsoever is added to it. Perfect to pair it with breakfast. Visit Starbucks menu for all types of coffee & beverages.

cappuccino coffee


Cappuccino coffee is espresso mixed with micro foamed milk and milk foam in equal split of 1/3 portions. The milk isn’t mixed in the coffee, which gives espresso overall a stronger taste. Either the milk is used or flavored cream is used for different taste preference.

Espresso coffee in white mug on white saucer plate

Espresso Coffee

Its a strong and concentrated form of coffee that can be enjoyed in small shots or as a base of many other coffee drinks and beverages like cappuccino, latte or macchiato. Espresso after meal is an Italian tradition.

Double shot of Espresso coffee.

Double Espresso

Highly concentrated coffee, 1 step ahead of what a regular espresso could be defined. It’s similar to “Doppio” which also has 2 shots of espresso.

Irish coffee with Irish whisky and cream on top

Irish Coffee

This is a unique taste and experience which includes strong black coffee, Irish whiskey and sugar along with the cream. Checkout J.Co menu prices for delightful variety of coffee choices.

Steaming hot Mocha coffee on coaster with coffee beans spilled in background


This one is for chocolate lovers. It is made with 1/3 espresso shots mixed with chocolate syrup or chocolate powder mixed in 2/3 ratio of milk and foam for rich and creamy taste. Explore Big Brew menu for delightful coffee selections.

closeup image of Macchiato coffee in transparent mug


Espresso drink with a thin layer of steamed milk on top with overall rich creamy taste. “Macchiato” in Italian means “marked” or “stained” meaning a stained or marked coffee. It also comes in different flavors like maple or caramel.

Types of coffee: Flat white coffee which is as delicious as it looks

Flat White Coffee

Delectable Espresso drink with steamed milk, its similar to cappuccino or latte coffee but without the foam. You may checkout Tim Hortons menu prices for delightful coffee choice.

Ristretto coffee which is one of the most popular type of coffee


Its similar to espresso shot but has a sweet taste compared to regular bitter tasting espresso drink, because lesser hot water is passed through the coffee ground. Visit Common Man Coffee Roasters menu for coffee & brunch menu.

cortado coffee type in transparent coffee mug


This drink uses a shot of espresso poured into a small amount of warm milk, no foam is added on top. The steamed milk cuts off the acidity of espresso for overall strong and flavorful taste.  You could also try the Big Brew menu & prices for their updated menu.

Famous coffee flavor known as "café au liat"

Café au lait

It is made with French press or drip coffee instead of espresso, along with steamed milk with 1:1 ratio. No foam is added on top, however you could choose to add to make things a little different.

Aromatic Decaf coffee with coffee beans decorated at sides


Made from regular coffee beans but is decaffeinated to reduce the caffeine.

Doppio coffee with dark texture in transparent mug which is another famous coffee type


A doppio is simply two shots of espresso combined. It offers a bolder coffee experience than a single shot for those with a high tolerance. Doppio in Italian language means “double”.

Red eye coffee which is widely loved from the menu

Red Eye Coffee

It combines shots of espresso with strong drip brew for extra kick of caffeine.

famous coffee type with dark texture and high caffeine

Black Eye

It’s the same Red Eye coffee, except its even more stronger and higher in caffeine with darker texture.

Affogato which is also known as "dessert". great combo to have after lunch or dinner


Hot espresso and scoop of vanilla ice cream are paired together. Perfect dessert to enjoy after your favorite meal.

closeup of Lungo coffee in transparent mug and coffee beans around


It’s a combination of hot espresso with steamed milk with frothed milk on top. The rich layers blend perfectly together, with the milk softening the espresso’s intensity. It originates from Portugal.

"Breve" is another famous coffee kind.


It’s like having espresso but using cream instead of milk. The barista would steam half and half or thick cream and pour it on top. The cream makes it super smooth and not too bitter overall.

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