Most Popular Types of Donuts.

4 different types of donut on wooden table along with colorful sprinkles

Donuts around the world are considered as famous snack or breakfast that can be paired with coffee or beverage for a delightful taste and experience. They are sweet and come in variety of flavors and textures. Let’s explore some of the most famous and popular types of donuts.

Glazed Donuts

delightful glazed donut

glazed donuts are topped with sweet layer of sugar called as “glaze”. The glaze gets hardened when it cools down, this makes the donut shiny, and crunchy on the outside. They are also called as “Classic glazed donuts”. Explore Krispy Kreme menu for exciting chocolate glazed donut flavor.

Jelly Donuts

donut with strawberry jelly coming out of donught

Jelly donuts are filled with jelly or jam in in the center once they are fried. The most popular flavors are Raspberry and Strawberry. Slightly crisp exterior and jelly make these donuts irresistible. Visit Dunkin Donuts menu with pricelist and explore their delectable classic and premium donuts.

Chocolate Frosted Donuts

donut with chocolate coating on top

Chocolate iced donuts are coated with smooth layer of chocolate icing, which is perfect for all chocolate lovers. Under the chocolate coating is the sweet donut. Explore J.Co Donuts & Coffee menu for their wide variety of donuts, coffee and cold beverages.

Boston Cream Donuts

delightful donut with chocolate even in the center

Boston cream donuts are another great choice which are filled with vanilla custard or cream topped with chocolate glaze. The combination of custard and chocolate makes it a delightful. Explore the Starbucks Philippines menu for the donuts and coffee choices they serve.

Maple Glazed Donut

maple ring donuts decorated with peanuts as topping

Maple glazed donuts are a sweet treat for all maple lovers. The donut is topped with maple syrup, powdered sugar and cream. Maple glaze make the donut delicious and perfect to enjoy any moment. Checkout different coffee varieties and types of coffee drinks.

Customised Donuts

In addition to classic styles, many donut shops also offer unique and customized choices, like:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creativity of donuts. No matter what taste you prefer the most but there’s always the kind which satisfies your cravings, and share the sweet taste and memories with your loved ones.

Donuts Reviewed from J.Co, Dunkin Donut & Krispy Kreme

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